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Our Family Holiday in Cornwall (Part 1)

Back in September, Bear, his daddy and I had our first holiday, just the 3 of us, taking a trip down to Cornwall. As well as wanting a holiday for us so much, I was also dying to meet Amy and her little one. I asked Amy for recommendations of areas where we could easily get to her but also were near other sights and activities. We finally decided on a caravan resort on the outside of Mullion. The holiday itself was an absolute bargain as I had booked it through the Sun holidays (the £9.50 ones) and after requesting to extend the holiday from 3 nights to 7, with the caravan, passes for entertainment, use of facilities and a highchair and cot for little bear, it cost £200 in total. The biggest challenge for us, was the travelling…

The drive from Manchester to Mullion, would approximately take upto 8 hours. However, we had to schedule in rest breaks for us and for little bear to stretch our legs, go to the bathroom, have a drink and something to eat. In total, it took us 10.5 hours. I was absolutely shattered by the end of it not gonna lie (I’m the only driver at the moment so sucked for me). We decided to set off at 6am so we could reach Birmingham before 9am (rush hour), stop for breakfast and then carry on until lunchtime. I honestly thought we could get bear out of bed and transfer him to the car as we were about to set off so he would stay asleep for a bit, anyone who has a young child will know that didn’t work out. I then felt bad for him not having had his breakfast but we managed to power on through until 8.30, we had a stop, Costa breakfast, bear changed into his clothes and a little stretch before carrying on. We then stopped at dinnertime where he loved running around on the grass more than he loved his dinner and we stopped again briefly a couple of times after that until finally…we arrived!

We were there for 6 whole days so I wanted to plan some really nice things for us to do, although I couldn’t resist taking bear to the on site children’s group in the mornings where they had different activities for a different theme each morning and the kids had so much fun! On the first day, we decided to hop into the car and take a drive down towards the village (The Lizard) to see what was there. It was such a lovely little village with some little gift shops, a couple of pubs and the coast around us. I asked someone what was in the village and if we were near Kynance Cove, which I’d heard about and really wanted to investigate. The man told us to walk down between the buildings and down a winding footpath towards a lighthouse where we would find Lizard Point and we could then carry on down to the beach and the point itself. Whilst down there, we did some seal spotting with a lovely lady from the National Trust and we found a couple of seals having fun and relaxing on some rocks and bear and his daddy also went to investigate a cove on the beach too. We had the most delicious food in a dainty little pub on the way back to the car. It was such a lovely, relaxed afternoon.

On the second day, we met up with Amy and her little one and went to St. Michael’s Mount. My gosh it is so beautiful! The weather was fairly windy and we weren’t sure at first if the tide would go out so we could walk across the walkway, but after a cornish pasty and a drink, we were ready to go. Unfortunately though, due to the high winds, the castle and gardens were closed for visitors. We had a nice little walk around and finished off on a park back near the car park. The boys absolutely adored playing in the sand and climbing the climbing frames, they were such little adventurers that day and it was so lovely to finally meet the wonderful lady I had been chatting to and had virtually been by my side for the last couple of years. It honestly felt like we’d been best mates for ages and that we’d met up loads before then.

On the Monday, we went to Gweek to visit the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and I honestly think I was more excited than the boys. Though bear did knock on the plastic window and shouted “ey” at the penguins! It was a great place for him to walk around and with plenty of places to sit and rest and lots of different animals to see. There were seals, otters, penguins as well as some woodland squirrels and badgers (which we didn’t see unfortunately) and a couple of farm animals too. It wasn’t too big of a place but it was so lovely. Seeing the talks and watching the feeding shows was brilliant. I loved that the sanctuary is for taking in injured seals and pups to nurse them back to full health to be able to release them back into the wild. I honestly didn’t mind paying (not that it was even expensive at all) because I knew the money was going into caring for the poorly animals and helping them. It was so lovely, and although bear might not understand that part of it, it was lovely to show him from such a young age and tell him about the animals.

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