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Mummy, Please Can We Go on the Choo Choo?

Lately, little bear has been paying a lot of attention to the modes of transport around him. His speech isn’t too great but he definitely points out ‘cars’, ‘plane’, ‘choo choo’ and ‘toot toot (boat)’. I’ve been loving seeing him explore the world around him in this way and explaining to him where they’re going/what they’re doing. So obviously, it has made me think about taking him on a train again (we went once on the train to Southport with our friends Lisa & her little lady and once to Manchester which he loved both times). I’ve decided we should go on a train somewhere else, I think he would absolutely love it.

I picked a train because it’s a fairly easy mode of transport when you have a toddler. He was so excited and nosey. We did have to try and get him to sit down a fair bit or look out of the window when we went to Manchester but nonetheless, he really enjoyed it. But with him paying more interest in them now too, why not get him back on one? So I’ve been thinking of places we could go to on the train that are fairly easy to get to and also places with some exciting things happening that we would love to see and do.


I thought about London, purely because I have never been to London (or anywhere near there to be honest). I’m not sure about much of what it is like or anything but I have been looking on Groupon to find some inspiration of things to do and also to see what bargains and deals are to be taken advantage of. I am a lover of a good bargain and especially with going on the train and the eating out and things, we would want to explore and do lots of fab things while we’re down there. I also noticed that if we were to stay over or even have a toddler-free weekend, there is plenty for us to do too.


I drove to York a couple of years ago for an event with Avocado Events. The drive for me was longer than I had anticipated but wasn’t too bad. We managed to explore the town centre for about an hour before the event started and it was such a lovely place I thought. Bear was only 1 year old and wasn’t walking or exploring much himself, but now I think he would absolutely love it. I noticed the train station was right in the center so we could get the train in and have a good day of exploring the castle walls and the historic looking town.


I’ve only ever been to Chester to go and visit Chester Zoo when I was younger, which I absolutely loved. I would love to hop on the train and go back whether it is to visit the zoo (little bear would absolutely adore it, he loves his animals ha!) or to go to Geronimo Festival which is definitely on my bucket list for me to take him to (I’ve never even been to a festival but a kids one can’t hurt right?) or even just to explore the area, which I do hear is quite a lovely area to explore and do things in. It’s also right by the River Dee so we can see some toot toot’s while we’re there. This would be one brilliant trip for little man.


Cardiff is a place I don’t actually think I’ve ever been. I’ve recently been checking it out and it looks so good, also the train journey doesn’t seem too awful for little man either. And there’s a beach at the end so I think I win brownie points with this option too haha! (If you’ve checked out what we got upto in Cornwall, you’d see he bloody loved the beach). There’s plenty for us to explore and see down there and from what I’ve seen, there are a lot of really lovely parks and places for little man to go absolutely wild.


We have family up in Scotland and so we’ve been to Edinburgh a couple of times. It definitely is a place we could hop on the train in the morning and spend all day there. I would absolutely LOVE to take little bear to Edinburgh Zoo, mostly to see the Panda’s (Pa paw’s) because they are my absolute favourite (as well as him seeing animals in general of course). It was also just such a lovely city to see and explore, I didn’t get to see as much when I went but we were only there for a few hours. The people are just so lovely and it is such a historic looking place.

I would definitely have to check out Groupon for deals and offers on what to see and do for all of these if we could get on a train and go to them but I have a rough idea of what is in the other places bar London. Have you ever been to either of these places on the train? Where would you most like to travel to?

*Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Groupon. All words and opinions are my own.

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