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Looking Forward to Spring at Liverpool ONE

I am so so over winter. The weather this week has been absolutely dreadful. In fact, this season has been pretty crap, let’s be honest. I am dreaming of the slightly warmer weather (I don’t mind if I still have to wear a coat, I just don’t want my hands to freeze off) and I think Bear is getting a bit peed off about it being cold/wet/icy out, he justΒ LOVESΒ to be outside. I’ve started looking for things that are upcoming again in places local to us. Usually, pages of places we like on Facebook will add their upcoming events or I’ll have a nosey at websites such as Trafford Centre’s or Liverpool ONE’s.

Earlier on post-motherhood, I wouldn’t even have looked at days out or events happening anywhere but really local to us. I’m starting to expand my visiting area shall we say, and I’m a little more tempted to go further afield. Although, I’m still dragging someone along with me! I love that there are all sorts of things going on at different times of year and I’m loving taking bear to things. I really think having bear has motivated me to do different things (still with another person though haha!) and I love that. Also, he gets to go out and do something new and fun and possibly meet new people. I’ll just hide away in a corner haha!

I have been having a look at the event’s page on Liverpool ONE‘s* website and some of the activities going on look really great for us. Though I’ve made a bit of a list of things I would like to do with the toddler, and things I would like to doΒ withoutΒ the toddler (though let’s be honest, that one is probably not gonna happen anytime soon).

I remember going to Liverpool when I was very early on in my pregnancy and it was such a great place. Lots of history and things to see and do. I went with my mum and I think we did a spot of shopping, followed by watching The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night at the theatre and then food. It was such a lovely day out and wasn’t too cold or warm either. I’m definitely looking to do it again. Also cannot wait until Bear can sit through a theatre production or a play, I always love going to see something interesting. Every January, we always went to watch a pantomime too, which I would love to take him to.

Family Things to Do

One good thing about visiting Liverpool ONE, is that there are plenty of things available for everyone. Whether you are going for a girls day out or a family trip with little ones. I’ve been looking at the events going on over half term for kids and they look fab! There is an organisation called Cass Arts who usually hold a drop in activity table every saturday, and this spring they’re looking at Chinese New Year during half term week. I love all of the colours, patterns, designs and also the food associated with Chinese New Year and I think it’s really important to celebrate another culture, especially for children. There are also a couple of other crafts based events happening like the Kids Art Club & Clay Play workshop which we would love to attend. Bear gets to get messy and creative and I just love seeing that. (I feel like I’m gonna have to get a room just to store all of his makings and crafty bits in soon haha!)

Something I’d love to try Bear with is indoor golf (I love crazy/indoor golf!) and Jungle Rumble is perfect for this. It has 2 indoor 18 hole courses as well as a cafe. It’s essentially like going to soft play but it’s something a little different. I do feel like he might start swinging the golf club around however, which won’t be much appreciated. Especially when there are lots of people around. The Disney Store also has an activity on during the week where children can make their own disney inspired mask. I would like a Stitch one. If stitch is involved somehow, I’m in.

One of my favourite places in general, is Waterstones. I’m a bookworm. I haven’t been as great with reading lately but I’m trying. I have some fab books on my TBR list I will share with you soon! But I absolutely love getting books for bear too! I just love books and reading. He’s getting at least 4 for his birthday coming up. A lot of Waterstones stores tend to have various activities every now and again, whether it is a book reading or children’s activity. The Waterstones store at Liverpool ONE is no different. During spring, they have quite a few storytime and crafts sessions for children so definitely take a look!

One thing I’d love to go and see this spring, is the Family Weekend on the 17th & 18th March. It is run by Bluecoat and has a mass of activities which are inspired by the history of the iconic Bluecoat building (which I’ve actually not heard of before but I know my nan lived in liverpool when she was a teenager, so she probably knows about it). There will be creative fun led by artists and also dancers from the Liverpool Improvisation Collective. It all sounds like such a great day (or 2) out!


*This is a collaborative post with Liverpool ONE for their #LiverpoolGuide2018

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