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You’ve Found a Nursery, Now For the School Search: What to Ask

You’ve done it. The hunt for a nursery is finally over, and you can rest easy. Or, perhaps not. Sorry to break it to you, but a similar search for a school should follow that nursery hunt. It may seem early, but the sooner you find a place, the more chance you have of bagging the perfect position. Besides, you should know from your nursery efforts that finding somewhere isn’t easy.

The good news is, you can draw on your nursery experiences here. A lot of the things you’ll look for will be the same. You want a friendly and well-trained staff, and excellent facilities. You may also have questions about the curriculum, and lessons. So, you’re already equipped with some of the questions you need to see you through.

Bear in mind, though, that there are further things you might not think of asking. While there are similarities between school and nursery, there are differences, too. Namely, your child will be at this school for a lot longer. So, you need to make sure you know every last detail, and that includes extracurricular activities. With that in mind, read on for three questions you might not think to ask, but should.

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What are the School Trips Like?

Many parents don’t spare a thought to trips when choosing schools, but these should be a crucial factor. While trips are a bonus, not a given, the learning opportunities they bring are priceless. Yet, school funding often dictates how far and wide opportunities span. Some schools, for instance, embark on overseas school trips which bring a whole host of unique learning benefits. Others only have the budget or staff numbers to manage trips close to home. Given that most schools follow the same trip schedule each year don’t be afraid to ask about this.

What are the After School Opportunities?

Again, many parents would assume that after-school clubs and the like are a bonus more than anything else. But, this is also worth your attention. When you consider clubs spark hobbies and passions, you could argue they’re most important of all. There’s a chance your child may never pursue a career in geography, but that singing group could lead to their future. As such, you need to know what clubs are on offer, and who teaches them. Often, schools use outside staff, ensuring your child gets the best teaching possible. If the after school choices are limited and lacking, it might be best to look elsewhere.

Are there any Community Schemes?

The majority of schools are involved in community schemes in some form or another. Some work on maintaining local gardens. Others provide artwork for hospitals and community centres. This may seem like a small factor, but schemes like these are crucial for kids. As well as sparking passion, they teach about the importance of community. And, that’s a lesson you want your child to learn. So, don’t be afraid to ask about this before adding your child’s name to the list.

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