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When  2 Became 3, My Labour & Birth Story (Part 2)

On the Wednesday, the first pessary I had been given was removed and the midwife did an examination of my cervix. Not much had happened at all. I was approximately 1-1.5cm dilated and my cervix was still too far back so she placed another in and left it to do it’s magic for another 24 hours. Again, I tried walking, bouncing on the pregnancy ball, I had a curry for tea and ate a lot of fruit in the hopes it would help move things along. No such luck.

The second pessary was removed the next day. The midwife carrying out the examination that day, told me I was around 2cm dilated and though my cervix was still far back, it was looking a bit more favourable. However I now had to wait for a bed on the delivery suite so my waters could be broken. Everyone visited me that evening, my mum, my partners sister and his mum, my partner had also been with me for most of the day and my nanna, his granny and my friend had all been messaging me through the day to see how things were going and asking if I needed anything. I just wanted my baby here. I’d been stuck on the ward for 4 days, I wasn’t unwell just high risk. I’d seen other women come onto the ward for induction and some were even sent home to wait for things to happen. I couldn’t understand why that wasn’t me allowed to go home and enjoy my comfort and make sure everything was all ready for my little one to enter the world.

On the Thursday night I decided I was going to have a bath and try and get a good night sleep as my waters were probably going to be broken on the Friday. Yes, it was Friday when a midwife and student had come up to the ward to take me down to delivery but it was at 3am. My God was I exhausted. I packed up all my belongings and trundled down to the room I was going to have my baby in. I rang my partner and my mum and told them what was happening, I was then allowed a shower after being explained what was about to happen. My birthing partners were waiting for me as I emerged from the shower all fresh and clean and ready to have a baby.

The student put the monitor on my tummy again to monitor baby and my contractions for half an hour and then the nurse broke my waters. It was definitely a very strange gushing feeling and she told me I was approximately 3xm dilated. However, none of us were prepared for how quick the contractions came. I lasted through around an hour of contractions until I asked if I could have some gas and air. They were coming thick and fast and I was having around 4 big followed by smaller contractions in a ten minute period.

I told the midwife I needed the toilet (yes I did say “I need a poo” and the midwife told me if that’s how I felt, it could be that I needed to push. I remember becoming rather stressed out that they weren’t listening and I actually really did need the toilet. They finally allowed me to go but they had to disconnect me from the monitors and I had to leave the gas and air behind while I went to the toilet with a bed pan for just in case and the door wide open so I could have help should I need it. If I remember rightly, I had around 3 pretty painful contractions whilst in the bathroom and couldn’t return the the bed until they’d all gone and I had a minute to do so. I was connected back up to the monitor and the contractions continued and became stronger. I asked if I could have a Tens machine to help with the pain but they told me they were all in use in other delivery rooms so I asked if I could have a little diamorphine to take the edge off the pain. The midwife and student went off to get some and I was just about coping with the gas and air and the help of my mum and Alex.

The midwife returned to the room with the keys for the medicine cabinet to get me some diamorphine however, once she had seen me and how close together my contractions were, she told me it was too late to have any and it wouldn’t take much effect. I suddenly felt the need to push. I can’t quite describe it and nobody could have described it to me but I knew what I needed to do and when. The midwife told me that when I was pushing, baby seemed to be taking 2 steps forward and 1 back and probably just needed a little help so they helped me to turn and let gravity help. This was no good as baby’s heart rate dropped and my blood pressure suddenly went higher. The midwife pressed the emergency buzzer and they positioned me back onto my back. A whole team of doctors and midwives came into the room and were checking my blood pressure and encouraging me to push when needed. One doctor mentioned he might need to use a suction cup on baby’s head to encourage them out.

A problem arose when the student told me baby was coming out bum first (breech) and she couldn’t attach a monitor onto their head. Yet another buzzer was pressed and more midwives and a doctor came in. I had people all around me and midwives telling me to try and push 4 times per contraction. The doctor was carrying out an episiotomy at this point but I didn’t realise as the need to push was so strong. After 2 cuts and a few pushes later, out came our little bundle of love. It was all so quick I couldn’t quite figure out what exactly to focus on. My mum and Alex were both crying either side of me and all I wanted to know was the gender of my baby and if he/she was okay. The doctor cut the cord (even though I had wanted delayed clamping) and rushed baby over to the side of the room where they could make sure they were okay and baby was then placed straight onto my chest. Both coveted in meconium and looking rather unattractive, Alex told me we had a little boy. Holding my baby in that moment was so wonderful, it was all I’d ever wanted in my whole life to be a mummy and now I had this precious little boy who needed me and who I could give all of my unconditional love to.

Baby bear was unnamed until that afternoon when Alex and I were having cuddles on the ward and visitors had left but we could then announce the arrival of;

Logan Norbert Martin, born on the 4th March 2016 at 9.26am, weighing a teeny 6lb 4.5oz and only 4 and a half hours of labour. And we honestly couldn’t be prouder.

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