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What I Said I Would & Wouldn’t Do & Did the Opposite As a Parent

Before I even became a parent myself, I would see how others parented their children or see how society was changing and things becoming more mainstream etc and think “I would never do that with my children”. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this either. And it’s not to be crazy judgemental or to doubt anyone’s parenting skills. Before you become a parent, I’m sure most people don’t even have much of an idea of how children are at different ages; what they’re into? how they act? what will they be like? and so when we see others in passing or on our Facebook timelines with children, we’re simply observing and making our own ideals and how we would like to parent from what we’ve seen; maybe we’ve seen something really incredible which we feel will be amazing with our children, or we’ve seen something we immediately think “no, I couldn’t”.

Anyway, this post aims to be a bit tongue in cheek although I did realise when making my notes how unrealistic I’ve been at times haha! Maybe as a fellow parent or parent to be you’ll agree? I’ve also crowdsourced for some quotes from other bloggers to share theirs too;

I Said I’d Never Introduce Tablets/Smartphones To My Young Child

Ha, ha, ha! I could blame this on PND or Anxiety or the general loneliness I’ve felt and do currently feel as a parent but the be all and end all is; I said I would never give him a tablet or smartphone and I would always encourage play with toys/outdoors/insert anything else here. But he knows how to work a tablet and he is 2 years old. He also knows how to navigate a phone to an extent. Granted, whenever he can get his sticky paws on either, he only heads for Netflix to watch Paw Patrol or Hey Duggee! and gets frustrated if it doesn’t work for him & I have used the tablet to bribe him to keep still on the sofa while I hoover around him, but it works. It’s also worked recently for me to cut his fingernails and toenails as he has started refusing.


I am NOT good in the kitchen at all. My skills have never gotten better since having a child. Though I have tried new bits I might not have before and failed at others (I’m not great with eggs, nothing I try works out *facepalm*) but honestly, I do give him oven cooked bits sometimes. Little bear is partial to a fish finger, potato waffles, pizza etc. I try about 75% of the time to make good food for our family (he also loves cottage pie, I can do it see) and even though sweets and chocolate are very rarely ever on the menu or in sight of him, he does get sweet treats at times too (he loves soreen, fromage frais etc) but the fruit bowl empties as fast as I fill it so I’m good with what we’ve got going on for sure.

I Said I Would Take My Child to Baby/Toddler Groups Whenever I Could

Okay so, something did get the better of me here. For the first few weeks after bear made his entrance into the big wide world, I was wrapped up in our little new family bubble. I was getting used to bear’s cue’s, what he wanted, feeding schedule, sleep routine etc. But then, the anxiety came. If I wanted to try going out or doing something, I repeatedly felt the anxiety in the pit of my stomach telling me not to. Sometimes it made me feel ill to the point where I just decided “sod it, we’ll stay in”. I read about baby groups but I never ever wanted to go alone and even if I had someone willing to go with me, I’d get feelings of “what if he needs feeding and someone says something because I’m breastfeeding” or “what if someone judges something I’m doing” and it really ate away at me. Even now, as he is bigger, it’s always “what if he misbehaves” or “what if something happens to him due to another child” or absolutely anything. But I’ve always got the reassurance that he’s doing perfectly and he does have a couple of friends and he is sociable.

I also asked some other parent bloggers what their ideals were before they had children and how they’ve done the complete opposite since;

Tamara over at The Epileptic Blogger says ” I swore down I would never “bribe” yet here I am offering Kinder eggs on the sly just so my child will sit in the trolley whilst I shop.”

Kerry from Lived with Love has already done a post on this which you can find by clicking the link. One point I really loved was about matching her children’s clothes: “I have 3 younger brothers and growing up, my mum used to dress them in the same clothes. I always swore that I would never do that with my kids but to be honest, I never thought I’d have 2 girls! Now that I do, I just can’t help but match them like twins, it’s so cute! They seem to love it too so I’m getting away with it while I can!”

Kerry Norris says she “always said she would never give her kid’s McDonalds” I think many of us have been there Kerry, sometimes it trumps all!

Lisa over at Oh Luna Blog says “There are so many things I said I wouldn’t do as a parent and have done like co-sleeping, giving her a naughty treat more than once, giving in and watching Hey Duggee for two hours straight. The worst being “I’d never give her a tablet”. Well, she;s got one. It’s more for long car journeys but it’s happened”.

Rachael says “I said I wouldn’t let him watch tv. LOL. Anything that buys me ten minutes of peace is a essential in our house.” I can honestly not even go pee alone anymore but sometimes the TV does buy you a couple minutes to do the washing (not in our house but still haha!)

Emily from Babies and Beauty said her “house would be littered with all the educational wooden toys you could find. When I soon realised they want all the plastic tat way more, that was the end of that ha”

and Vicky over at Tippy Tupps says she always said that My kids would never have a dummy, but those 5 minutes peace as a newborn are priceless. In the dummy went!”

What have you sworn you would or would never do as a parent and completely done the opposite? It definitely seems like a very ‘done’ thing. As long as the babes are happy and every now and again we can go pee or make a drink right?!

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