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Showering with a Newborn Baby

We all know or have known that trying to do anything with a Newborn can be pretty difficult or at least challenging.

You have a hot meal, baby wants feeding and the meal is cold when you get to it.

You have an appointment; baby inevitably has a poonami and/or wants a feed so you either miss the appointment or have to apologise for tardiness.

There are many scenarios or activities we can hand on heart say “I never thought I could have dealt with this before now” or even “well, this is a new way of doing things”. Certainly makes you question why you were ever stressed out or rushing to do these things before baby was here.

Picture from when I actually managed to complete a full shower.


As parents, we have a knack of figuring out how things are done or even, an alternative way of doing something. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks how much I took having a shower or a hot meal for granted. I digress.

Here are my 10 tips on how to have a shower with a Newborn Β (yes I am taking the piss but I couldn’t not write this).

  1. Baby wants feeding. You’re sat there thinking “what should I do once they’ve fed? Cleaning, a shower, a nap” you settle on the shower ’cause let’s face it, we all know the dry shampoo isn’t gonna have much effect for long.
  2. Baby has inevitably fallen asleep. You go to put them in their crib/cot/basket but the minute you lower them in, they begin to stir or even let out a full blown screech. You sit back down with them soothing them or even offering another feed until they drift back off to sleep.
  3. Baby is in their bed napping, you realise you forgot to take food out of the freezer to defrost for dinner. Whilst in the kitchen, you realise there’s a mountain of washing and you should probably put a load on.
  4. Baby starts stirring, “it’s only been 10 minutes, why you do this to me child?” Go to settle them and you could probably still have that shower now.
  5. Start preparing for a shower, realise all the towels are in the wash and you have no knickers, bugger. You find some underwear that doesn’t belong to you but it’s clean and it fits so it’ll definitely do. You’ve found a towel but it’s wet, must have been hubby’s from his shower, realise this is the reason dryers were invented and throw it in.
  6. Towel dry (ish) time for a shower. As you’re getting undressed, you notice a mark on your back you’d never noticed before. Spend a good few minutes analysing it in the mirror. The water’s running and your boobs start leaking milk, better get in.
  7. Start to wash your hair, maybe you could get away with shaving your legs..they haven’t been tamed in a while, hubby is starting to wonder if you’ve been looking up ‘naturism’.
  8. Shampoo on, you hear baby begin to stir but maybe they’ll drift back off again so you start to apply shaving cream to your legs.
  9. Nope, the baby did not drift back off and is definitely having what sounds link a full blown meltdown in the other room. You’ve only shaved one leg and still haven’t conditioned your hair yet.
  10. That’s it, baby is crying, the water has gone cold due to all of your faffing with that Mark, you’ve shaved one leg and haven’t even conditioned your hair. You run to the baby and you can’t even keep your towel on, then realising your boobs have leaked everywhere. Maybe you’ll have to try and shower later or hope nobody notices you have one shaved leg and only shampooed your hair today.

Can anyone relate to this or have an even funnier scenario we can all definitely relate to as parents?

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  • Reply Emily

    This made me giggle Claire! So bloody true.

    November 4, 2016 at 12:04 am
    • Reply ClaireBearx

      haha I’m so glad it did! Maybe if i can get Logan to nap in his cot I can grab showers without having to wait til Alex is up haha! xx

      November 4, 2016 at 12:36 am

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