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9 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mama

First things first, this post is in no way intended to shame, criticise or put down any other mums or dads or guardians of tiny humans. I’ve been feeling really crappy lately about life, parenting, myself and all the other bits in between & I’ve just really needed a boost so much. The thing is, the best and most positive thing in my life is Bear. I might get frustrated, I might lose my shit, I might cry. But he honestly completes me in so many ways. He’s turned me into the kind of person I never ever thought I could be. Responsible, selfless, a mother. He makes me so happy (the majority of the time) and I just wanted to document it. A little something for me to read when I’m feeling like I’m failing and brings a little sunshine amongst all of the rain everywhere.

So, here are (some of) the reasons why I love being a mama,

  1. Affection. He will randomly come over to me no matter what I’m doing, put his head on me & his arms around me and say “aahhhhh” and he’s constantly offering me kisses. These are such wonderful moments.
  2. Late night sleepy cuddles. When he wakes in the night & is unsettled, I’ll pop in & give him a cuddle sat on the gliding seat & the cuddles are just so adorable. Sometimes, he will sleepily look at me until his eyes close & he visits the land of nod.
  3. My little shadow. Honestly, wherever I’m going, he will be right beside me. If I’m doing the washing, he’s sat next to me trying to put things in or when I’m in the kitchen, he heads straight for the sweeping brush to brush the kitchen floor with. Recently, he’s been following me into the bathroom when I go to the loo, problem is, he can open the doors in our house eeek!
  4. He knows routine. This makes me feel so good, when I say to him “let’s get some dinner then” or “let’s go to bed” he heads straight for the door opening it then either climbs the stairs & goes to the seat in his room or goes in the kitchen. If he knows we’re going out, he brings me his shoes then heads for the front door & waits (playing with the keys of course haha!)
  5. Chills with mama. Recently, if there is a show he likes or a film he wants to watch a little bit of, he will come to me & park himself so he can chill with me & watch it with me. He’s so cute & I couldn’t not sit and watch with him (no matter how bad “show me, show me” grates on me ha!
  6. Have this mama. I think I’ve become a guinea pig or a helper or something, he’s forever bringing me stuff, opening my hand and loading them with toys and shoes and bits and bobs. The same with food too, though more recently “sharing” has become more of a bear’s food kinda thing.
  7. Little person, big personality. He’s developing a really strong personality & its so amazing to see and encourage. He used to be such a “don’t put me down” baby but now he’s got a little attitude, he’s hilarious & he has so much love for people!
  8. Social butterfly. Recently, when going to public places like soft play, the park etc. he will make contact with other people whether that be children or adults. We went to the park yesterday & some children came on the climbing frame he was on & as they ran past, he patted them & said “ahhh”. A little later on, he was stood near a fence giggling at another mum & dad ’cause the dad was making funny faces. He used to never let me put him down so this is mighty wonderful to see.
  9. Good morning mama. When he wakes, if he’s not crying, I let bear stay in his cot for a little bit babbling to himself & hearing the conversations he has with himself is hilarious and so cute (he can’t actually say many words so it’s mostly babbles). Then when I go in, he’s so bloody happy to see me, my heart totally fills up. Sometimes when we’re out, he will be babbling away & when I look in the pram, he’s got his hand to his ear like a telephone, it’s hilarious and ever so cute.

    What do your littles do that just makes you so happy to be their mama/dada? 

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