How the Right Workwear Can Have a Positive Effect

The right uniform can make a huge difference to your confidence, mood and motivation during a day at work.

With a range of suppliers including companies like Simon Jersey, offering a variety of options for uniforms, it’s important to ensure you keep a few key points in mind when shopping around for your workwear.

Job appropriate

Depending on your role and where you work you might have limitations or specific requirements.

This might be specific types of clothing, such as if you work in a hospital, vets or dentists. Or it could be a limitation in terms of what colours you can wear. Whatever you wear needs to be appropriate for your job.

It’s always a good idea to double check or get approval if you are worried about your uniform. Taking the time to check beforehand can avoid some awkward conversations at work further down the line.


You need to understand what your uniform entails first. Then you can work out how much freedom you have with what you can wear. From here you can find the range of workwear that compliments you, either as something you feel confident in or something that from a practical standpoint suits the job you’ll be doing.

You might need something with extra pockets, like specialised work trousers, or you might need something that looks professional like a suit or a blouse. You might even just need something that will stand up to working outside better than your usual uniform, which could easily be something as simple as a hoody or fleece jacket.


Every role has different stresses and considerations to take into account. The best way to make it through a shift is to be comfortable.

From the choice of materials to the fit of the clothing, anything that can make you feel more comfortable during a shift is a good idea.

If you are on your feet for a large part of the day you should never discount decent shoes, especially in a customer facing role. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with the public when all you want to do is sit down.

The benefits of wearing the right uniform

A uniform that looks good, stands up to the job and lets you work in comfort can do wonders for your mood, confidence and motivation.

If you work in a customer facing role this can make a huge difference to how you interact with people which could be a difference maker when it comes to performance and sales.

You might work in a busy environment where you are on your feet throughout the day, a comfy uniform can make this easier. Eliminating discomfort is one way to make a shift feel like it isn’t going as slowly, which again can have a big impact on happiness in the workplace.

Working in comfort and with a better mood have a huge impact on motivation. The right uniform, creating the right mood, can have a huge impact on how you see your job and how you work during the day, often improving things for the better.


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12 thoughts on “How the Right Workwear Can Have a Positive Effect”

  1. Ive never needed to wear a specific uniform before as the jobs I’ve been in have been horse related so it was a pair of jodhpurs and rain coat haha! I was so thankful to be able to choose what I wanted! X

    1. That’s so good that you could choose what you wanted. When I worked in my own clothes I liked it for comfort reasons but sometimes it got a bit stressful having to really think about what to wear xx

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