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How I’ve Been Relieving Stress Recently

If you didn’t know (which I’m sure the majority of people reading this won’t) I’ve had a pretty stressful time lately, it’s been emotional and all sorts of stressful and tough so I’ve been trying to spend each evening doing something that helps me relieve some of that stress. It’s also very quickly become a regular evening thing for me to take some time for myself.

Listening to Music

A friend recently pointed me in the direction of an offer on Spotify that came up of 3 months worth of Spotify premium for 99p and I couldn’t say no. Since getting a car with bluetooth connectivity in it and playing music through that, I’ve been listening to it a lot more so I wanted full advantage of my playlist and music. It’s really helped me with winding down. In an evening, I just pop my earphones in, music on and I either do some blogging work, Social Media stuff or simply just relax for a bit. Because I listen to it on my phone, I looked at Switched on InsuranceΒ to protect my trusty little sidekick. Especially with having a toddler around (who likes to splash in the bath whilst the phone is in my pocket) I had to make sure it was protected for that just in case moment, I don’t know what I would be able to do without my music and chilled out evenings.

Watching Netflix

Yes, I am totally one of those people using someone else’s Netflix account to watch TV Shows (thanks mum!) but my god, I love to sit down and watch episode after episode of something good. I’ve recently started watching Brooklyn 99 which has been perfect for me being able to wind down and relieve stress. I just love having something funny and easy to watch, it definitely helps to relieve stress. I’ve also looked at insuring my tablet along with my phone. I really cannot live without these winding down evenings at the minute.

Read a Book

I have actually been really terrible since having a baby with reading. Before he was born, I got through a good selection of books, and since, I just haven’t had the time. Or maybe I’ve made up excuses. Who knows? Anyway, this has become a complete lifesaver for relieving stress in an evening. Little bear goes to bed around 7pm, which means I’m able to have some time to myself before I head on up to catch some Z’s myself. I’ve finally decided enough is enough and I bought a few new books lately to get myself stuck into. I am making good progress, not as great as I would like but it’s going alright. I’ve missed books so damn much!

Have a Relaxing Bubble Bath

This is one of the biggest stress relievers ever. I’ve found my favourite, most stress relieving baths to be when I use the Honeymania bath melt (which has been discontinued booooo!) and pop some music on or the tablet on the side in the bathroom. Or sometimes I simply just relax (sometimes you just need that right?!) I’m so gutted because I can’t have a bubble bath (only showers, I’m not that dirty) for a couple of weeks, but I so cannot wait to get in the bath and melt away. I always feel so, so much better afterwards. Even better with freshly cleaned jammies on!

Get Out & Get Some Fresh Air

The weather has been absolutely stunning lately. The sun comes out and people everywhere have swapped coats and warm clothes for shorts and t-shirts, buying paddling pools and garden games for their kids and barbecues have been selling out everywhere (well the little disposable ones have haha!) But why not?! One of the biggest relievers of stress lately for me has been getting out. Little bear has been absolutely loving being out and enjoying the sun. We usually head off to the local park, but staying home and taking advantage of our families gardens has worked wonders. It’s just been so nice and refreshing to be out in the fresh air. Especially with having a little one to watch and play with, it really keeps your mind off your stresses and fresh air and sun makes everyone happier.


*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own.

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