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Decorating My Child’s Room in Rented Housing

I have mentioned before how the house we live in is rented and that we are unable to do much in terms of decorating and physically altering anything within the house, so we have to look to other alternatives. Which I’m sure many other families are in the same predicament too. I have a feeling we are going to be here for a little while longer, and as bear is getting older, I don’t really want him to have the gross magnolia walls. I’ve been looking at new ways to try and alter the decoration in his room without getting into any trouble with the landlord.

I have recently come across Children’s MuralsΒ which look so so fab for helping to make a room look personal and also really fun! Little bear absolutely adores Paw Patrol at the moment and also Hey Duggee but I have a feeling I would never get him out of his room if I put those up. And, personally, I’m not huge on him having characters everywhere for him. These murals are perfect for being something different but also things he can look at, ask about and learn tons from. For example, I absolutely ADORE this world map with animals and its so fun and educational, I know he would love learning about the animals and where they come from (and let’s be honest, I’m gonna get a bit of education with it here too ha!)

Another thing I’ve been loving recently as a theme for bear is a space theme. If you read my Toddler Gift GuideΒ you will have seen the absolutely beautiful constellation image my wonderful friend Gee created which for now, I’ve just popped up on display for him. But I would LOVE to create something for it to fit in with and I’m just really loving the space/stars/constellations ideas for him! I remember when I was younger, I went to stay at my dad’s house and my little sister had some glow in the dark stars that were just blue tacked to the ceiling, but when it was dark and we were going to sleep, they would have a gentle green glow and be so so lovely to look at. I really like this mural for if I went for a space theme for his room, I think it’s not too much and still plenty for me to add my own finishing touches to in his room.

One thing I do love the idea of is keeping things simple, especially as it’ll be in his bedroom. But so that I can add my own touches with his bedding, pictures and other little features. I really love this lego print and it looks like it’ll be smaller on the wall than a full mural so definitely won’t look too busy. But it is colourful and simple and will really add that touch of colour his room will be wanting.

I would also love to use these in a play room if I ever had one for him. It’s the kind of room to be made so much more exciting and playful and any of the murals would look wonderful in a room like that for sure. And especially at the moment as bear is learning about his animals and transport, they would all be so educational and wonderful for him.

Which murals do you like and where would you like to use them?


*This is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own. Images from Press Loft by Wallsauce.

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