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Grill in the Park @ The Marriott, Worsley Park

On the borders of Worsley, Manchester, there is a hotel and golf course (some of you probably already know about it). It is quite a prestigious hotel and honestly, I’ve never visited prior to a few weeks ago. Mostly because I thought you had to be a ‘private club member‘ or just be really good at playing golf ha! Fortunately for me, I was invited to try out the new menu at the Grill in the Park restaurant within the Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club (along with some other bloggers and their family members) and boy, was I totally surprised!

The Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club is easy to get to though nicely hidden by some forestry along the main road. We parked up and admired just how beautiful Worsley Park is as we headed inside. We veered off to the rear left of the hotel reception where Lisa & I found the Grill in the Park restaurant. I mean, we couldn’t miss it, there were lovely little signs directing the way there and we were greeted by this. How picturesque is the reception area.

We sat outside in the yard first with Rachel & Phil who were also trying out the new menu at Worsley Park before being shown to our table which was behind the other guests but we could fully see everything and everyone. There was a performer singing some very melancholic and relaxed covers of songs we all knew and loved and the atmosphere was just so lovely. The waitress explained about the evening and took our first drinks orders while we all had a chat (more of a laugh, we could not stop at all) and we were then greeted by Adam, the resident cocktail expert and his lovely array of drinks. We were shown how to make 2 cocktails, a French Martini & a Long Island Ice Tea. We were then each given a chance to create our own versions of these cocktails with the assistance of the 2 cocktail experts, of course I made a Long Island Ice Tea as I’ve had them a few times before and LOVED them. Also, I was designated driver and it didn’t taste too strong ha! (Don’t worry, it was my only drink of the night, I paced it and I also ate A LOT of food).

Once we had finished, the waitress took our order for starters and main and we were left to have another chat (laugh) until our starters arrived. The food when presented looked absolutely incredible! I chose to have Grilled King Prawns which were served on skewers with Chorizo and coated in a lemon & coriander seasoning. My word, were they delicious.

We were given a good amount of time between finishing our starters and being served our main courses. I chose to have the gnocchi with confit duck and a tomato and olive sauce. I honestly expected the duck to be slices of duck breast on a bed of gnocchi but when it came out, it was a a leg of duck (which was really meaty and tender and so delicious) on a bed of gnocchi which had been cooked in the tomato & olive sauce. Though I have to say, I was torn whether to get one of the restaurants specialist steaks or chicken. I also had some sweet potato fries on the side because, who doesn’t love really good sweet potato fries.

Honestly, this filled me up so much and was the loveliest, tastiest food I have had in a long time. All I had to do was touch the duck with my fork and the meat just melted off the bone, it was so well cooked too. We were given the dessert menu a short time after finishing our main meals and gosh, was it difficult to decide what to have. I’m not usually a dessert kinda gal but I couldn’t resist. Some of our fellow guests opted for the chocolate platter, and as much as I really wanted it, I also can’t resist a good raspberry ripple ice cream and I felt like I needed a little cool down of my palate. There was a slight hiccup in that some of the guests had to choose an alternative dessert as there wasn’t quite enough chocolate platters to go around for everyone who had asked for one, but our waitress was just so lovely and apologetic about it and it was quickly sorted. The Raspberry Ripple Sundae came served in a ’60’s diner style milkshake cup with dried strawberries and a white & milk chocolate straw. I couldn’t finish it I’ll tell you now but it was just what I needed.

From entering Worsley Park at 7.30pm, after all of our courses of delicious food, the cocktail making class and the many many laughs, we finished our sit down meal and getting to know everyone at around 10pm (it may have been even later!) Our waitress from the evening meal thanked us and asked us about our visit and let us roam around the hotel and grounds for a little while to take as many pictures and investigate the hotel to our heart’s content. Though it was late and dark, the grounds and outdoor areas all looked incredible. Near the entrance of the Grill in the Park, there are a few higher tables for those sitting with drinks and meeting up, small tables set perfectly for a couple on a date or 2 friends having a much needed evening out and a patio style door leading to a small courtyard where guests can relax on the luxury furniture around the fountain. It’s just so beautiful and picturesque, I’m so in love.

Worsley Park hosts grounds to the local golf club as well as having meeting rooms and displays for other local sports like Football and Rugby. There is also a small spa upstairs and another to the rear of the hotel. I’m definitely going to come back and try out the spa services, god knows I need a good relax and pamper. Our dining experience still resonates in my mind so vividly. It was luxurious, delicious and such a beautiful atmosphere. We couldn’t stop talking about how lovely the lighting was, how good the performer was and the meal was just so perfect from start to finish. I would love to visit again whether for a lovely celebratory meal or a date night, I just know that we will be wined and dined to our heart’s content.

All of the bloggers & family from L-R: Rachel, Phil, Vai Chin & her husband, Amy & her mum, Myself & Lisa.

If you would like some more information on Worsley Park’s dining and other services you can check out their website

You can also book a table to dine at The Grill in the Park on this page (and please do tell me about your experience too!)

Disclaimer: I was invited to try out the new menu and a cocktail making experience at Worsley Park in return for my honest review. All opinions and views are my own.

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  • Reply Mummy Cat

    that looks like such an amazing experience! I am slightly jealous

    August 18, 2017 at 10:17 am
  • Reply Emma

    Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous! I would love to go here for dinner, the food looks delicious. It’s not that far either, so will definitely look at visiting!

    August 18, 2017 at 4:18 pm
  • Reply Laura stevens

    Love the decor and looks like a great atmosphere inside. Food looks amazing too! X

    August 18, 2017 at 4:47 pm
  • Reply Gee gardner

    This looks so much fun! I’ve always wanted to give cocktail making a shot!

    August 18, 2017 at 9:38 pm
  • Reply Nadia

    This looks like great fun! I’ve never tried professional cocktail making.

    August 18, 2017 at 9:43 pm
  • Reply Emma @sophieellaandme

    It looks amazing! As does the food and cocktails! X

    August 18, 2017 at 10:52 pm
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