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Dreaming of our Forever Home


Currently, we live in a rented 2 bedroom terraced house. We’ve lived here for 5 years, but it definitely isn’t home for us. I’m constantly dreaming of our forever home. How would it look? Would we want a fixer upper, a little project to keep us going? How many rooms? Any particular features? Etc.

The thing is, the features bit is my absolute favourite. Thinking how would we decorate each room, what would we have in which room and layouts etc and any little quirks. A couple of HUGE things for me have to be a bay window, a drive, a garden and also a room we could have as a play room for bear and an office space, they don’t have to be huge just somewhere to have for him to play and me to do my work. There will obviously be other things I would look at, things that might be a turn off for me in a house, living on a main road for example. I digress. One thing I have been thinking about, is decor and room layouts.

As I said, we live in a rented house. But the rules of our tenancy are that we can’t decorate, we can’t do any DIY to the house itself (which is a massive pain as we haven’t got curtains or curtain rails) and we’re only allowed picture hooks to be used in the walls. The one thing is that magnolia paint on the walls, makes me feel a bit nauseous. I hate it so much, I’m forever trying to find ways to make it not so gross.

One major room I’d love to work on before any others, is little bear’s bedroom (guess I can’t really call it a nursery anymore *sob*). I’ve been looking at pinterest and Instagram and other websites for inspiration of different styles of decoration and layouts and I’ve honestly come across some absolutely stunning ones. I think the colour scheme I would love to go for would be basic white and greys with pops of light blue and orange in the features. I love these colours as I feel there is a lot you can do with them. Whites and greys you can change if needed but they can also be a really good base for other features. Blues and oranges (although completely clash on the colour spectrum) are 2 of my favourite colours and there are just so many stunning feature items with these colours. I love things like woodland and nature themes for his room and these are 2 of the most stand out colours from what I’ve seen.

I’ve also been looking at things like sliding doors and walk in wardrobes, which types of curtain poles I’d like & what furniture we would need (though I’d be able to get rid of a lot of what he has now if we had sliding door wardrobes, they look so roomy and spacious!) I’d be able to keep the room pretty simple and uncluttered which would be perfect for a boisterous toddler. They also make the room look so much bigger which I love.

Thinking about it, I’d love to have these in our bedroom too. It would just make it feel that bit more luxurious and actually make me want to use it for more than just going to bed (though let’s face it, that’s literally the only thing I use the bedroom for now). They come in a variety of colours and designs so you could easily find something to fit your style and the layout of your room.

I have a toddler room inspiration board and a home inspiration board on pinterest which I would love for you to check out, and feel free to suggest or add any of your own. I’m loving the bedroom styles on there so much at the moment. My pinterest username is dearmummybear.

You can also follow me on Instagram and see what I’ve been liking, and I’d love for you to send me suggestions of accounts to follow for even more inspiration. Not that I need much more, my head might explode in excitement haha! My username on Instagram is also dearmummybear.


*This is a collaborative post. All views and opinions are my own.

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