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What’s Love Got to do with It?! Book Review

*I was gifted a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

What’s Love Got to do with It?! Is a small collection of short love stories with not quite as happy endings as usual reads.

The book contains 4 short stories:
At Odds by Victoria Adenji
What She Knew by Natasha Macfarlane
Between the Reef and the Shore by Katherine Nelson
The Statue By Josh Gill

The Reviews

First of all is At Odds by Victoria Adenji. It is superbly written, very dark, intense and full of lust. This was one of my favourite reads of the 4 if I’m honest. It was gripping and is definitely a bit like the kinds of reads I go for anyway. Short and simple but I wanted to read so much more!
“His head hung in unconscious resistance to her exposition”.

What She Knew by Natasha Macfarlane again is very short and sweet but also very mind provoking. It leaves you asking lots of questions and again, I think I’d have liked to have read a bit more, understand what was going on, what the cause was and what happened next.
“The sky is so deep and dark that it’s almost as if it is trying to hide my nightmare of pain”.

Between the Reef and the Shore is more of a fantasy style read, a little historic and authentic too. It is so beautifully written that I enjoyed reading it. It’s beautiful and poignant and doesn’t have such an unhappy ending.
“Perhaps women are something else entirely. Something infinitely more powerful. And because we do not understand, we try to exercise our control. To tame, to conquer, and when we cannot do this either, we refuse to let them aboard our ships”.

The last story, The Statue by Josh Gill, is very mind provoking. It’s beautiful and earth shattering at the same time. Again, the ending is a little more emotional than the first 2 but not quite as beautiful as the 3rd. It’s honest and deep and definitely makes you think. 
“And as the horror unfolded, the statue couldn’t look away”.


These stories are great to read, especially as short stories. I definitely want more of ‘At Odds’ and felt gripped by the others too. They were wonderful to read and the endings not quite as heartwarming and lovely as usual reads which I thought was fantastic. Whilst I am a sucker for a good love story, I also do love a bit of a difference, when things don’t turn out quite as planned or take a different direction. The authors, all very different in their writing styles, did not fail to bring me in and entice me. I am now left asking “what on earth?!” and “wait, I need more”.

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