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A Late Announcement & Pregnancy Update

I realised I haven’t actually announced or anything like that so here goes;

We’re Expecting Baby Bear #2!

I did announce on my Instagram, Twitter & Facebook but honestly, I just couldn’t actually put the words together for a blog post, or I kept putting it off or something. But YAY! FINALLY!

So, now, I am in week 35 of my 3rd pregnancy, 2nd baby. That’s the thing. We were expecting a little bundle of joy in 2018 which unfortunately did end at 12/13 weeks. The time has been such a roller coaster of it being utterly heartbreaking but also a huge time of discovery. ClichΓ© huh?! But we did discover so much about ourselves at the time and also afterwards which I can go into on another post, we don’t need that here πŸ™‚

So, yeah, we’re having another baby boy!

Baby Bear #2 is due a week after Bear’s 4th birthday and is another little boy we found out πŸ™‚ It has been helpful for us to know baby’s sex for a few reasons:

  • As well, as the unisex items I kept, I also kept some of bear’s really good outfits etc which were probably more suitable for a boy so we have been able to wash and use them again.
  • It has been easier financially when looking for things and getting second hand items as we have kept costs down and know what we are looking for etc.
  • The boys can share things even as baby bear gets older so will always have some things passed down from his big brother and won’t cost as much to buy tons of different toys etc all the time as I’m sure they will probably share and may even be into similar things (bear cannot wait for his brother to play Duplo with him & create things & use their imaginations.
  • As we are so short on money at the moment & are trying to save for our first home (we’re still renting as it is going to take so long I think) it means that even when baby bear is big enough to be in his own room, it’ll be super easy to create a bedroom suitable for both of them & we cannot decorate & are restricted to what we can do so already know how we can keep it simple for them.

How is the pregnancy going?

It’s going okay, it has been slightly more difficult than my pregnancy with bear and had a similar start to my second pregnancy. I have experienced a lot more exhaustion this time around. I’m not sure if that is down to having a toddler using up a lot of my energy as well as working still or if it is just pregnancy. This time, I had some annual leave to use before I start maternity leave at work so I have gathered it up & have been able to take it all as one chunk and honestly, it’s actually one of the best ideas I’ve had. Bear is still at nursery Monday-Wednesday & I’m using the time to sleep, rest and just take it easy. Taking my time and following what my body wants for a bit. I’m eating what I want,when I want it (as long as it’s allowed & not damaging or hurtful to me or the baby) & not stressing which has been really good.

During my last pregnancy, towards the end, I developed pre-eclampsia, which can be harmful to pregnant women and is where the placenta just stops working to it’s full capacity to keep everything going well for mum and baby, unfortunately leading to some side effects which left untreated can be seriously damaging. I only had high blood pressure and the protein in my urine but I was hospitalised as even with the medication, my blood pressure wasn’t for settling. Knowing and understanding the implications of this awful condition has encouraged me to rest even more. I’ve even started ordering the food shop online amongst other things and taking good care of myself so, fingers crossed!

First Trimester

The first trimester was a difficult one, I’m not going to lie. But it wasn’t completely awful and I powered on through the best I could (I guess we all do don’t we?). I had nausea but no sickness thankfully, severe exhaustion and a ton of bloating (I was really rather large and couldn’t hide it). I was so exhausted, I would fall asleep through meal times missing them completely, napping at every opportunity I could and still sleeping well at night. I lost a bit of weight but not a lot and not dangerously. I did really struggle to hide the extra bloating though. We even went to stay with my mother in law who had commented a few times about how ‘glowing’ I was. I certainly didn’t feel it that’s for sure! The nausea was bad enough it appeared every morning & I genuinely thought I may have been sick, a lot. I also really struggled with headaches towards the end of the first trimester, sometimes becoming migraines. I took a little time off work, made sure I was drinking plenty & even saw the GP a couple of times who eventually prescribed me some low dose co-codamol to help. It was hard though and I would wake up with a banging headache, look pale and a bit worn out.

Second Trimester

Things did become a bit easier around week 22ish. The headaches stuck with me for a while but they eventually eased off. I started to feel okay in myself, I was more pro-active, less exhausted and was able to feel generally okay. Baby movements began around week 17, beginning with flutters and moving onto kicks to then become bigger rolls and kicks. We had our scan at 20 weeks exactly, however we did find out that my placenta was a bit closer to my cervix than they’d have liked. I was also having growth scans from 28 weeks as bear was small for my BMI, ethnicity, age etc. But generally, I was well and we were looked after, especially working alongside midwives.

Third Trimester

The third trimester started really well. Feeling well still from the second and plodding along okay. I just began to become more and more tired but I put that down to getting bigger, baby growing and taking a lot of my energy, looking after a toddler and a house whilst working a 30 hour week. But I was able to solve most of it. I have been lucky and able enough to take 4 weeks of annual leave before my maternity leave actually starts, started to stay in more doing food shopping online, asking for more help when needed and not getting quite as stressed or worn. Also, the napping and sleeping. I must need it or my body wouldn’t rest for so long each time ha!

Things I will change this time around

I think there was a lot of things that went well for us last time and a lot of things that I understood were about knowing my baby. Being responsive and mostly baby led was what worked so I will always continue with this with any child. Setting boundaries is very good but ineffective when a baby is so tiny and needs their mummy/daddy. I will try to do more preparing if I can, use the slow cooker or multi cooker more ( I rarely had time to do much last time especially cooking proper meals for us as baby needed me so much and cluster fed a lot). A baby wrap/carrier will certainly be much more helpful this time around too. We have also decided to give cloth nappies a go. I will be washing tons anyway, it’s great for the environment, bear suffered horrifically with nappy rash a lot so I’m hoping to avoid this with natural materials and also, they’re also so damn lovely too!

What are my expectations once baby arrives?

I have a lot of ideas of the way things might pan out. I’m sure they will all go to pot though. Bear will still attend nursery 2-3 days a week ( I have’t actually decided whether to drop a day or not) he loves going, it is a great routine for him, he has swimming lessons and plays with his friends and it gives me 3 days of the 7 to catch up on housework things, relax with the baby etc. I have no idea how that part will go though but I’m guessing lots of feeding, napping for us both and probably housework as I can only imagine how little I will get to do when bear is with us. I assume maternity leave will be so different this time around, I understand how good and important it is for us to get out of the house, meet friends or attend groups or even just going for a wander which I will try very hard to do.

A couple of things I will try to create fresh blog posts for and discuss another time but yeah, we are so excited and baby’s arrival is imminent. At the minute, baby’s bag is packed and ready to go, mine is half done. We are mostly prepared however and have been able to be very relaxed about things which has helped massively.

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