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5 Fun Winter Activities

Winter is fast approaching, and this time of year is packed with fun activities to engage in, yet so many of us go into hibernation mode.  Indeed, winter can be a time of inactivity where we stay curled up indoors mostly watching TV next to a radiator or open fire.

Whilst Spring, Summer and even Autumn offer a plethora of fun outdoor kids half term activities, when it comes to Winter, outdoor options are limited.  That said, it’s important you encourage your kids to be as active as possible throughout these months and embrace the magical spirit of winter.

In that vein, here are five ideas to help engage your child in the great outdoors this winter:

Build a Snowman

Whether this is in a local park or even your back garden, building a snowman can be a great way to express creativity and also connect you with your own childhood.  The core ingredients you’ll need are a carrot for his nose, coal for his eyes and buttons, a twig for his pipe (unless you ironically wish to use a vaping product), and a hat / scarf to keep him warm.

To connect with the magic of this, be sure to watch The Snowman beforehand.

Have a Snowball Fight

Kids love a snowball fight.  Needless to say, you need to be a little careful with this one, as there can be all sorts of things in snow (e.g. stones and dog waste), but having a snowball fight is a great way to bond and connect as a family in a fun and challenge based way.

Go Sledging

There’s nothing more fun, adventurous and exhilarating than finding a steep hill then hurtling yourself down the snow and ice at speed.  As long as you are reasonably sensible, sledging can be a fun and injury free sport.  The best option, is to go down together, with your child sitting on your lap (at least at first).

Clear Snow from the Drive

Depending on how old your children are, as it’s unlikely you’ll want a toddler to be cleaning snow from your driveway – this activity can create a sense of contribution which is important in building the self-esteem of your children.  It’s a great way to get them involved in the snow, whilst not venturing far from home, and serves a practical purpose too – but it’s best done as a family effort.

Create Snow Art

Snow can offer a blank canvas that creative kids love to decorate.  You could fill an old washing up liquid container with water and food colouring in order to create an interesting form of artwork in the snow.  Alternatively, a less messy option is to create a snow angel; as an instant form of personalised art that kids will love as it’s such a kinaesthetic experience that feels slightly naughty, in the same way that jumping in puddles is a little naughty.


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