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Here on Dear Mummy Bear, I aim to produce 100% genuine, honest content and posts which are relevant to this blog and which I feel my readers (you lovely people) will find interesting to read. All content is and will be my own along with any images/infographics/videos etc.


There may be some instances where the content may be written or produced (partially or fully) by a brand, a PR, another blogger or anyone who isn’t me. In this case I will fully state at the beginning and the end of the post clearly.

If the post is regarding an item/product gifted to me for review, I will state this with a disclaimer in the post. But don’t worry, a gifted or sponsored review does not mean the post will be any less genuine or honest or my own thoughts.

If the post is sponsored, endorsed by an outside company or paid for in any way, I will again state this with a disclaimer in the post.

If you are uncertain whether I may have been dishonest or should state any more clearly that a post is not 100% my own content, please do feel free to email me at