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What’s My Toddler Getting for Christmas?

I know it’s a little late in the game to put out a post like this, especially as I love getting ideas from these kinds of things but well, there’s only a week left until Christmas right and I’d have thought most people would be finished with their shopping by now (though whenever I drive anywhere at the moment, that certainly doesn’t seem correct). But I thought I’d put this together and show you all some bits little bear is getting for christmas.

Not all of these are what myself and bear’s daddy are getting for him. I’ve fully wrapped and sorted all of his gifts out under the tree and worked out that I’ve spent £70 in total on him for his presents. He hasn’t gotten much but we definitely made the mistake of going crazy with it all last year and bought him tons of stuff. Some of that stuff has been thrown out already because he just didn’t play with it or use it and putting it all away just made me hate everything. I’ve been a bit cleverer this year in that I really haven’t bought much but I had some ideas jotted down for gifts. I was then able to give these ideas to other family members for stuff he would like so we knew he wouldn’t be getting him things he wouldn’t use or didn’t want.

I’m so excited for this Christmas as he is a tad more aware than he was last year, he is only 21 months but we’re trying to get the whole Christmas thing through to him and he seems to be understanding. He’s already unwrapped 3 presents that aren’t his and pulled baubles off the tree though (I was so undecided whether to even put it up but I couldn’t not really could I?!) So anyway, here are a few of the things bear will be opening on Christmas Day (It includes a few bits a couple other family members are getting him and also it isn’t everything because surprises are the best right?!).


I’ve already gotten Bear’s christmas pj’s from sainsbury’s (if you follow me on Twitter you’ll see the picture I posted of them, they’re so cute his little fleecy gruffalo Christmas pj’s). He also already has his outfit too (we have matching christmas jumpers and he also has an alternative outfit from next of a pair of jeans and a snoopy Christmas top). But I had seen a couple of bits that I really wanted to get for him whilst out shopping and just had to put them away for him. Clothes are always a good gift right?! So I picked up these lovely pyjamas from Sainsbury’s and also these Sloth design trousers (pack of 2) and tops (pack of 3) from Next. I know he is getting some other really lovely outfits and bits and I can’t wait for his wardrobe to be updated.


I love getting books for bear and he has such a wonderful collection. I recently posted about how I have updated his book box to festive reads for him and he is absolutely loving it! For Christmas this year, instead of just buying him as many books as I can and think he will like, I’ve stuck to a few really really lovely books that I think he will adore. We have bought him Oi Dog! which I actually had a read through the other day while I was wrapping and I think it’s hilarious, I know he will love it, it’s also a board book so a bit sturdier for toddler hands. He is also getting this book called Please Mr Panda which is a story about manners. Anyone who knows me knows I have had this book on his list for ages purely because it’s about a panda (but honestly it does seem like a really good book). He is also getting some other books such as The Baby that Roared and some others which will update his book box for the new year I imagine (though his book case is very full and I’m going to have to get rid of some he doesn’t really enjoy and that makes me really sad).

Wooden Toys

I’ve said before how I’m a big fan of wooden toys for little bear, I feel like in some ways they help him a lot more than some of his other toys (though of course I’m going to let him play with absolutely whatever he likes). He still only has a small collection at the minute but I know for sure this will be expanded greatly after Christmas. I absolutely love this Le Toy Van Balancing Noah’s Ark which he is getting. He’s also getting a variety of other toys such as a 15 in 1 Wooden Activity Set from Tesco and some other jigsaw puzzles.

Musical Toys

These are some of my absolute favourite toys and I gave them as suggestions to family members who ordered them straight away, they look incredible, and I have had a little play with them in Smyths and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. The toys are made by B. Toys who also make the wooden activity cube we bought him for his first birthday and they always have such lovely, striking designs! The instruments are separate but they are all in the designs of different animals. There’s the B. Meowsic Keyboardthe B. Woofer Guitar and the B. Ribbit-tat-tat DrumI know I’ve probably put my foot in it asking for noisy toys but I just know he will adore them! He has a little keyboard that he can carry around that he absolutely loves which his grandad bought him from a charity shop. The problem with it is that it’s no longer working even with changed batteries etc, so at first the keyboard was going to be a replacement, until I saw the rest and just had to have them for him!

Other Gifts

The last 2 items I’ve included here are some I know he will adore. I saw that this Paw Patrol inflatable pull out sofa was on offer on Amazon and knew it would be perfect for him. We’ve never really bought anything with characters on for him as we wanted him to find his own favourites himself rather than us just giving them to him (also we’re not massive fans of much character related stuff). But bear has definitely got Paw Patrol firmly in his favourites list. It’s one of the only things he will recognise and also says “Paw Paw” whenever he sees something Paw Patrol related. I just know he is going to love his own little sofa! The other thing is a night light projector. He did have a smaller one in his room which he loved, however he broke it when he managed to push his chest of drawers over. I spotted this one also on offer on Amazon and loved it. I love that it has more of a full galaxy projection but can also be used as a simple night light. The one he is getting is a little different to the one pictured but I have linked the correct one 🙂

Of course these aren’t the only things he is getting for Christmas but he wouldn’t mind if they were of course. There are plenty of things his daddy nor I know about which is lovely. I currently have a wishlist on Amazon for him and I add to it when I find things I know he will like. It’s usually for me to come back to when I want to get him something specific or for an occasion such as birthday/Christmas, but it’s really handy to show family and friends who want some ideas etc, as they are things I know he wants/needs/will love. I’m just so excited to see his little face opening all of his presents and having lots of lovely new things to play with and do.

It will be his 2nd birthday in March and I have to start buying after Christmas due to paydays etc, so I’d love to know what your child is getting or any ideas you have that they loved at 2 years old!

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