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What2Buy4Kids Store in Southport Review

A few weeks ago, Bear & I headed to Southport for a day out with our lovely friends Lisa (from Lisa Cowan Blog) & her little lady. I was totally cacking it I’ll be honest, I was mentally preparing myself for a busΒ ANDΒ a train journey there and back. I only really started panicking about it on the way home but none the less, Lisa kept me distracted, as did the little monkeys. Anyways, we were invited to visit the store and have a good look around, and basically gather our views on it (and it gave us a reason to go to the seaside, though the weather wasn’t too kind). But I shall say, we were impressed.

Little Disclaimer: All of the images in this post are courtesy of Lisa who has thankfully and kindly saved me as I broke my phone with the images on them (Idiot).

I’ve followed What2Buy4KidsΒ on Twitter for quite a while now, and have definitely browsed their website one too many times. So to hear that a store had quite recently opened, and was quite local to us (well, an excuse to get out anyway) I was so excited. So, we headed down there (up there? well we headed there) and the store was relatively easy to find. We came out of the station & headed towards the shops where we saw a sign outside the shopping centre telling us it was just inside. The store looked really light & the sign was so easy to notice, it was just so welcoming and eye-catching.

We headed inside & told the store manager who we were (he was expecting us) and spoke about us having a really good wander round, taking some pictures & letting the kids run loose (if that was okay of course, which he was more than happy to let us. I’m pretty sure he sat regretting the decision after we left). Any way, we introduced ourselves (his name is John) and we had a good nosey.

One of the first things I noticed was that the shop was split into age appropriate shelving areas. This was clearly to make it easier to find toys for the age you’re looking for. I commented how toy shops don’t really have this and you’re always wandering around looking for things and examining every item to see if its age appropriate. Straight away, bear found suitable toys and was having a good nosey. Another thing I really liked, was that the store was spacious and everything was set out so nicely. The kids could have a really good run around. So the ages were separated for babies, toddlers, younger children & of course older children and there were also some nik naks like cards, wrapping paper etc too. Perfect for if you need to quickly grab a gift and you can get a card and gift bag and hey presto! you have a present πŸ™‚

There were also some toys/activities set out in the centre of the store (again, not taking up much space at all) which the children could have a look at themselves (though Bear is a massive fan of taking things off shelves and also throwing things so had to shut that down quickly). Honestly, we were so apologetic for them running riot and John was just so lovely and understanding.

The thing that sets this store apart from other toy stores, is that it mostly sells wooden toys & activity toys. As we have been enjoying more wooden toys recently, this was so lovely for us. I was incredibly impressed with all of the different toys that were stocked. There were toys from brands we’ve heard of before and also brands we hadn’t. These were mostly sensory, educational and learning toys that would grow well with a child. I feel like the toys for the 0-2 year olds would be much loved by an older child too. They were all so lovely in colour too, it wasn’t garish and in your face, they were delicately placed there yet so nice to look at. Obviously, there were also some plastic toys and other items and they were really nice too.

We picked 4 items with the voucher we were sent and I managed to save 2 things for, dare I say it, Christmas, but I couldn’t hold back on the others as Bear was so excited to open them when we got home. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a picture but we picked out the Peter Rabbit Push Along (which, unfortunately for us, Bear likes off the stick as well as on the stick) and a BoBo Buddy (a backpack for children which is a pillow & has a blanket in it too) he likes to cuddle it and say “aww”. When I shown him that it goes on your shoulders he was amazed and brings it to me to put on his back all the time.

We had such a great time visiting the store & we will be certain to visit again. For the time being, I’m going to keep browsing the websiteΒ because I like to create a shopping list in my head and admire all the wonderful toys you never really see anywhere else, but I can’t wait to go back! (I don’t think Bear can either).

Have you ever visited?

Disclaimer: I was sent a voucher to spend at the store in return for a honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.




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