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Toddler Festive Book Box

In our living room, we have a raccoon pull along crate which contains some books for bear. My idea is to change the books in them every couple of months (or seasonally) so I really couldn’t miss out on putting together a box full of festive books for him. He loves having books in the living room, he is forever bringing them to me (though he has the attention span of a goldfish and just gets up as soon as I open the first page). But sometimes, I will find him sat on the floor with a little book babbling to himself whilst turning the pages. Of course I do sit down with him and read with him, as I said, sometimes he just gets back up but sometimes we can get through a couple pages. Back to the point. Last year, we did a book advent for him (though it didn’t go very well as we missed a few days so just opened them all) but I have picked up some books I’ve seen in shops this year with a festive theme and I honestly couldn’t wait for him to read them.

I put in a range of types of books in the box because, although I love him to have board books so he can read himself and not damage them as easily, there are some really sweet paperbacks and books we can read together.

Board Books

That’s Not My Penguin & That’s Not My Polar Bear. Bear absolutely loves his “That’s not my…” books. He loves looking for the touch and feel parts and could honestly sit there for ages stroking them. Because they’re such easy reads too, he will sit and read and find the touch and feel area of the pictures. On his bookshelf, he has a few other of the titles such as That’s Not My Panda, That’s Not My Dog That’s Not My Fox. I couldn’t not get him some festive ones to add to his collection. They’re so lovely too!

Bing’s Christmas Wish. I saw this in my local ASDA store and because bear absolutely loves Bing, I couldn’t not pick it up for him. Again, this is a really easy read and bear loves pointing at the pictures and when I make funny voices. It’s shaped like a christmas tree too which I thought was really cute and it only cost £4!

Five Little Reindeer Fly off on Christmas Eve. Again, this was another book I picked up when doing my shopping (I always search the books when I go to my local supermarkets to see what new goodies they have). The story is about 5 little reindeers and is a really good counting book. The rhyme is short and sweet and as you turn the pages, one of the reindeers disappears. The reindeers are all soft touch too which helps children with their counting as they can point and count along. I couldn’t find this on Tesco online but you can get it from Amazon.

Christmas Board Book. This is one we found in our local library when we went for a little browse. It’s so colourful and I loved the little tabs at the top of each page for children to turn. There is just a small rhyme on each page with a picture on the opposite side and it’s just a lovely little christmas book, perfect for children and babies. Again, I had a little search on Amazon for it for anyone looking to get this for their little ones this christmas.

Happy Christmas. This is a fisher price book and you can clearly tell by the illustrations and recognise them from other products and toys. The pictures are of familiar characters and the book is very easy to read. It is another touch and feel book too which bear absolutely loves! It’s also a good size so you needn’t worry about it being too small for clumsy children. Again, I found this in the library but you can buy it here.


Children’s Books

My Christmas Adventure with the Pups*. Who doesn’t love something personalised eh? Especially when it’s a christmas book featuring your child’s favourite characters and their name. This is the perfect gift for any child you are buying for or even just as a special christmas story. It’s a little harder of a reader so sometimes, bear will just come back for more when he is ready but it is so lovely. One of the things he can recognise is Paw Patrol (even though we don’t have it on our TV but he loves if I can put it on Netflix for him) so he loves just passing it to me and pointing at it saying “paw paw”.

Angel’s Great Escape*. This book was recently sent to us from And So We Begin who have some absolutely gorgeous illustrations and have 2 books published. Angel’s Great Escape is about some christmas decorations who are unhappy and they seek to be in a happy home. It’s not a ridiculously long read and it has a rhyming style to it which adds a little fun. The pictures are just so lovely and it’s such a cute book. This is one that bear will actually sit down and let me read the whole thing to him and he loves it!

The Night Before Christmas. The Night Before Christmas is a really well known story. It’s available in all different styles, with different illustrations and different types of books but all with the same story of the night before christmas and written by the same author. I remember reading this when I was younger and it’s a book my mum reads with the children at school too so she couldn’t resist buying bear his own copy. We picked it up in Home Bargains too!


Paperback Picture Books

Ten Little Elves. This is a really cute book and I think all children will love it. It’s another counting one but with a christmas theme. Bear has a halloween one called “Ten Little Monsters” and there are others in this collection of books such as “Ten Little Dinosaurs” and “Ten Little Princesses”. It’s a rhyming story and it is so fun to read. The illustrations are so lovely and great for children, bear loves pointing to things in the book and it is so easy to make it fun whilst reading along. This was another one we picked up while doing the food shopping but I found it on Amazon too!

Say Hello to the Snowy Animals. We have cheated with this one a little as we bought it last year for his book advent, but it was one of his favourites so I couldn’t not get it back out again. It is a really easy read and bear loves this book as he loves animals and points to the different ones. He can’t say what they are yet but he gets giddy seeing them and loves helping to turn the page. We bought this from The Works as it was included in their 10 for £10 deal online and also 3 for £5 deal in store.

These are 3 more books we’ve cheated with and used from last year. Though we didn’t actually get around to reading them. The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud was another book we picked up from The Works in their offer last year, but it is such a really really lovely book. The Winter Fox was one I picked up from ASDA as I just absolutely loved the illustrations, though it is a slightly longer read, but a beautiful book. And I loved how The Great Christmas Pudding Rescue looked when I had a little glance through in the supermarket. Even if bear doesn’t really want to read it now, I’m sure he will love it when he is older.

The box now takes pride of place where bear’s raccoon box used to be so he can just pick and choose one whenever he wants. We’re having lots of fun reading such a variety of different books and I’m so glad I found them all (they look really good in his book collection).

What are your children’s favourite festive reads?

* Books marked with an asterisk were gifted to us. All opinions and views are my own and are honest.

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