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The Dreaded T Word

Teething. Oh, the joys. Most parents have experienced it, some may be beginning to experience it and some just will not know what’s hit them (I don’t mean to put you off, I am sorry).

Logan is now 6 months and almost 4 weeks old (29 weeks to be precise) and we are definitely no strangers to teething. I must admit, he’s never gotten some of the symptoms a lot of parents talk about. He’s had slight reddening of his cheeks, a shit ton of drooling, a crap load of whinging and the need to bite and chew everything  (yes, my fingers were constantly bitten during this process). So far, fingers crossed, we’ve had no sleepless nights  (though you could count him constantly waking and only being settled with boob as having a slightly sleepless night, but he usually sleeps until about 9/10am so I’m definitely not complaining ha!)

We are constantly trying out new products and items to help us along this exhausting and tedious (oh so tedious) journey, but I thought I’d tell you all about a few things we have found absolutely invaluable and helpful to little bear and his peggies.

Sophie La Girafe 

It took me a while to buy this, I will be honest, it was because I’d only seen it priced at approximately  £13, however, I have been pleasantly surprised and it’s definitely the best £13 I’ve spent! Since buying Sophie, Logan has constantly been biting on her legs or head. At the moment, the giraffe is one of his absolute favourites and I’ll constantly find him having a good chew on it. If hes getting grumpy or whingy, Alex or I will pass him his giraffe and he’s instantly soothed, happy chomping away and squeaking his gums against the rubber.

Muslins Straight From the Fridge

This might sound odd but hear me out. Logan loves to chew on muslins, blankets, anything soft really. When he started with teething, he would sit and chew on them all day long. I found it hard to get him to use a cold, stronger teether. This wasn’t my own idea to put the muslins in the fridge by the way, I’d seen it mentioned on a mummy group on Facebook so I thought I’d try it out. Honestly, one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. It settled him for longer and he just seemed so much happier with the cold fabric on his gums than before I tried it. I urge you to try it out, honestly it worked (and still does) so well!

Amber Teething Jewellery

At first, again I was a little unsure of these as I wasn’t quite sure how they worked. I’d received so many recommendations from mums at baby groups, online, out and about, that I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I looked them up and found that Baltic Amber contains a very small amount of oil which has succinic acid in it (a naturally occurring substance in the body) so when baby wears it, their body heat warms up the amber therefore releasing the acid containing oil (this apparently has an analgesic effect on swollen, sore gums. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was working as I was unsure of what effects I was seeing. Then it happened, a tooth appeared and I noticed the rash Logan had had under his chin and chest that looked like burns (I know it was just dribble rash but I had such a hard time trying to get it to go) had totally disappeared and he was far less dribbly than usual. We knew he was teething but didn’t even know an actual tooth was making its grand entrance. I definitely believe the teething bracelet had something to do with this.

Nuby All Natural Teething Gel & Gum Massager 

I was browsing my local ASDA to see if they had any new teethers or products we hadn’t used that we could try when I found this. It was located near the baby oral care and toothbrushes and really stood out to me (also it was on offer for about £2.50). It had a ‘try me’ on the back of the packet where you could feel how soft the silicone is and I knew I had to get one. It felt so much softer than the other teethers I’d bought, and with Logan loving to chomp on anything soft, I couldn’t really go wrong. The fact that it’s a gum massager too appealed to me as it would provide a certain amount of early oral care. I also noticed the gel on offer for about £1.50 and with it being all natural product based, it was hard to say no. I brought them home and gave the massager a wash and instantly, Logan put it in his mouth while he held onto the little handle and chewed it for ages. I don’t use the gel all the time, only when he’s grizzly and his teeth are bothering him and it really does settle him after a few minutes. I love the little case you get with the massager too, it means we can pop it in our changing bag and it’ll be safe and clean.

What do you swear by that has helped your little one with teething?

All views expressed are my own and the items are things we have bought and tried out, I just really wanted to share with you what has worked for us. I did however, contact Love Amber x who has kindly offered my readers a discount on their Amber Teething Jewellery. Just go to the checkout and type in;


And your discount will be applied. Please remember to refer to the safety section of the website which can be found HERE to read up on the safe use of Amber Jewellery before you buy.

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  • Reply gibbo1983

    were sophie fans in this house. My eldest Max loved her and shes going to get a second go with my little one once he starts teething. She is expensive which put me off as well. Il have to remember about the muslins my youngest loves to suck his bib so that might be a great option for us when the time comes round again.

    October 9, 2016 at 9:32 pm
    • Reply ClaireBearx

      Oh wow that’s fab that you’ve used them for both of your children, shows how great it is! Definitely worth the money. My little boy was going through about 5 bibs and 3 t shirts a day because he was either chewing them or dribbled all over them haha xx

      October 24, 2016 at 12:57 pm
  • Reply Roxie Watt

    Penny’s only 3 months but she’s constantly shoving her fists into her mouth and drooling. She’s also a little more irritable. I don’t think it’ll be long until she starts. This is a great post! I was going to buy the giraffe but I thought it was a little overpriced however I’ll definitely pop it on her Christmas list. I love the idea of amber jewellery. This was exactly the kind of post I was looking for, thanks Claire! xx

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    October 21, 2016 at 8:12 pm
    • Reply ClaireBearx

      Aww bless her! Definitely doesn’t sound too long until the teething begins for you lovely, maybe stock up on some wine and lots of chocolate for your own sanity too haha! It really is worth it I assure you 🙂 Logan’s now 7 and a half months and she still comes most places with us he loves her. Aww no problem, glad I could help! 🙂 xx

      October 24, 2016 at 12:59 pm

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