Our New Favourite Teething Toy: Matchstick Monkey Review

I know I said in my previous post about teething, how much we loved the Sophie La Girafe, Nuby teether & our amber teething bracelet (all of which we’re still using & massive fans of by the way) but a new teething aid has come to our attention. We’re now at almost 1 year old and have just cut teeth 7 & 8 which, I’ll be honest, has been a little bit of a nightmare. Just before they popped through, we were asked if we wanted to try out the Matchstick Monkey teether, which having tried other teethers and remedies, I jumped at the chance.

The Matchstick Monkey teether has been so helpful in the last few weeks. We weren’t even aware that 2 more teeth were popping through but my god, did Bear want to chew and dribble on everything (okay, we had an idea he was teething again but we didn’t know which teeth or how many). As soon as I opened the parcel, he demanded I give it to him straight away, which then, of course, straight into his mouth it went.

The monkey comes everywhere with us. Kept in its casing, I pop in some teething gel and it slips nicely into his changing bag. On one particular day, I applied some gel on to the back of its head & Bear was happily gnawing away at it for hours. Later that evening, after refusing his tea & only accepting cold fruit, his mouth began to bleed. It was then we realised one of his teeth were cutting and the monkey had helped so much that day, he obviously needed it!

That’s just some of the great things about the Matchstick Monkey, it fits nicely into your bag so can be taken out and about & it also has a bumpy section on the back of its head where you can apply teething gel and it can be chewed furiously (how else?) by your teething babe. It can also be used as a starter toothbrush, to get babies used to a toothbrush. We don’t really use it for this as Bear now has a proper toothbrush (for all those peggies) but it’s great as a first toothbrush and it still gets them used to having and holding something similar for when brushing their teeth. What I love about the teether, is that it has easy to grasp handles, which I feel would have made our earlier teething days so much easier. As you can see, Bear’s now pretty adept at shovelling stuff into his face (namely food, HA!) The monkey can be kept in the in the fridge/freezer, which personally, I feel is a massive essential to any teether or product used by a teething baby. Cold fruit is always the go to, it must be so soothing.

Matchstick Monkey was created by mum of 2 Katie, who experienced real trouble with her first daughter and teething. After going through a lot of pain, sleepless nights & being bitten (who hasn’t actually been bitten by their teething bubba, it hurts so bad) she envisioned then created the teether as the ideal solution for a very real and common problem we all, as parents, will experience with our babes. It was also designed to prevent us from being bitten and nipped when trying to apply teething gel or powder to sore gums.

Overall, the Matchstick Monkey is a massive hit for us. I’m a little gutted I didn’t know about it sooner but I am so so glad we know about it now and have been given the opportunity to try it out. The monkey retails at £9.99 which is also a fab price for the benefits it brings.

If you want to find out more about the Matchstick Monkey, you can visit the website.

You can also go check out and follow their Twitter and their Instagram. I assure you will not be disappointed.

*This product was sent to me for review, however, all opinions and views expressed are 100% honest & my own.

12 thoughts on “Our New Favourite Teething Toy: Matchstick Monkey Review”

  1. I’ve seen this and it looks brilliant! Benjamin has been teething since 3 months, I need to invest in as many things as possible to help ease the pain for him! x

    1. Thanks hun!
      Today has definitely been back to teething. Poor thing, I just want them to all appear like magic haha! I hope you don’t struggle too much with more that come hun! xx

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