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Making the Move from a Cot to a Toddler Bed

Earlier this week, bear had a little accident involving his cot and his spider monkey climbing skills (he’s never done anything like this before and was so unexpected). So obviously, we’ve rethought his sleeping arrangements and have gradually tried to make things safer for him. Firstly, starting with removing the cot sides from the bed. This is a huge leap for me personally as I have so many worries about him injuring himself with free roam of his room, however, the potential injuries sustained from another accident like this would be much worse than I suspect he could do himself in there.Β 

We currently have a cot bed in bear’s room which has been the perfect sleeping place for him since he moved from his co-sleeper at 8 months old. He has had a wonderful year and a third of sleep and it’s been great for him. It definitely has more life left in it (though I may have broken a slat while climbing into bed with him, this is why they’re not made to support adult weight). But of course, I have been having a little nosey elsewhere. As I’ve mentioned before, we currently live in a rented property, so we have to be careful if we ever want to decorate or change things (I say be careful, I mean we can’t even think about it!) I wrote in this post about how I’d love to decorate bear’s room in the future and in what way would I have it set out for him, but we can definitely change the furniture (I mean it’s all ours anyway).

I’ve been looking over at Room to Grow’sΒ website for some inspiration, and also to have a little look at what is available for Bear’s room. I’ve definitely taken a lot of inspiration and have my eye on a couple of beds/bedroom sets that would be perfect! They have a lovely range of single beds which are perfect for what we want, although moving away from the toddler sized bed, I feel like it saves time and money to get a bed which is stylish and will last him through different bedroom re-decorations and also as he grows.

There are some absolutely lovely looking beds on the site and particularly, low ones, so I can rest assured he won’t do much damage should he roll out of bed or anything (though that’s what safety guards are for right?!) I feel like a new bed would give his room a slightly more mature look and he will love his new found freedom (although I imagine he will love running into our room to wake us up!)

What else is really good about the website, is that they have extras like bookcases, bean bags, lamps, tee pees and all sorts to really kit your child’s room out and make it perfect. I’m sure once we’ve fully managed to sort out bear’s room bit by bit and change the current furniture, he would love having his own little space and being able to get out of bed and do what he wants. I guess I just need to let go of the worry that he’s going to cause harm to himself, I mean loads of kids outgrow their cots and move to beds right?!

Would you recommend getting a single bed or keeping with the cot bed as your child’s first bed without cot bars?


* Disclaimer: We were sent a box of items for World Book Day in return for this blog post.

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