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HAPE Fantasia Blocks Castle Review

It has recently been Christmas and I’m sure many of you have had to have a good clear out of your children’s old toys to make space for new ones. I know I did. Luckily I found one or two toys that didn’t work anyway & the rest are going to charity. Good deed done and space made. WIN. But one thing that firmly made it’s way into the toybox before Christmas, were these Fantasia Blocks* by Hape. We have reviewed another toy by this brand which you can read here which is also, still in the toybox (yaaayyy) and both are constantly scattered across the living room on a daily basis courtesy of the toddler (I’m exaggerating a little, they’re really not that big at all!)

Little disclaimer: I couldn’t take one picture without the toddler sitting slap bang in the middle of the set up to play with them, I managed to squidge him to the left though but he still got in the shots (he’s beautiful though so I guess it doesn’t really matter).

I have mentioned a few times before, about how much we love wooden toys. They provide so much exploration and imaginative play and they really don’t have an expiration date on them (I love toys that I know will grow with bear and he will love and learn to use in different ways). I’m not saying we don’t only have wooden toys, because let me tell you, we really don’t. But we were so happy to receive these and add them to our collection.

This set is a set of a variety of wooden blocks/pieces which can be used to stack and play with in whatever way your child wishes to. The pieces do make up a lovely castle and I love the variety of bricks that come with it. There are ones you can shake, round ones, slanted ones, square blocks and pieces for putting on the top. One of the things we absolutely love about these blocks, is how eye-catching they are. They are so vivid and colourful and they just look so nice. I love that there are some blocks you can shake/rattle which is really attractive for younger children (bear loved sitting and doing just this when we first received them) and some that very strategically slot together (okay, not that strategic, it is for toddlers haha!) But we do love getting them all out and seeing what we can create with them and put together. Side note: it is very rarely a castle as bear does like to do his own thing.

Every time we get the blocks out, bear sits and gets all excited and lets me build with him which is so nice. Unless he physically brings me a toy he is playing with, he usually doesn’t want us to get involved. But it is so great that we can do this together. Well, alongside each other haha! I’ve been trying to teach him colours and shapes with the blocks recently, he hasn’t fully ‘got it’ but I feel like these will help majorly. There really is so much you can get out of them!

I do have one very small gripe though, and it’s simply that they don’t fare very well on uneven surfaces. It’s most probably me being ridiculous, but because of the different shapes of the blocks, they just don’t balance well. But it is pretty simple isn’t it, just do it on a table or something.

Overall, we absolutely adore this set. I have had to separately bag each set of toys in his toybox to make sure no pieces disappear, but I’m waiting patiently for the day he gets his crocodiles and elephants involved. Though actually, that would be a really cool imaginative play idea. See, so many wonderful and unique ways they can be used! I cannot wait to see what he does with them as he is getting a little older and his imagination changes.


* This toy was sent to us in return for an honest review. All views & opinions are my own.

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