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Doddl Cutlery Review

A few months ago, we thought bear would never get the hang of cutlery. How to use it, what it’s for etc. One day he all of a sudden seemed to know how. He used his spoon to scoop things and put them to his mouth. A few days later, he managed to grasp using a fork, stabbing things and putting them to his mouth again. Though still a little shaky every now and again. We were contacted asking if he would like to try out some Doddl* cutlery, which I hadn’t really known much of before. Sure I’d heard of them in weaning groups on the odd occasion but I just didn’t have a clue. But he soon knew what they were as soon as I opened the package and he couldn’t wait to start using his new cutlery.

The cutlery sets from Doddl consist of a spoon, a fork and a knife and are suitable for children from 12 months upwards. Whenever I would look for cutlery for him, I either found sets with just a spoon and a fork suitable for him or the set of 3 were suitable for slightly older toddlers, so this really impressed me as it wasn’t like any of the other sets he has and it was his first knife too!

The cutlery is designed with large metal ends for the spoon, fork and knife and a large BPA Free plastic handle. The handles are designed this way so that toddlers can grip and hold the cutlery better. Especially as at that age, bear wasn’t sure how to use much cutlery, though we did offer him cutlery every meal time. I really love the spoon as it has such a big surface area but also has a curve meaning things won’t fall off it as easily and he can get as much food as he wants onto it. There are a lot less spillages when using the cutlery that’s for sure!

Some features of the cutlery are that they have soft grip circles on the handles, which is where your child would hold the cutlery. They’re placed in those positions to ensure your child is holding the cutlery safely and most importantly, the most effective for development (especially when they move on to using adult style cutlery). The knife and fork have also been certified as fully safe to use and are functionally sharp. This means they are effective in their uses but also will not hurt your child. No stabs, no cuts.

I’m sure I won’t be the only parent who thinks about the cleaning of them but I must say, they are super easy to clean. They are dishwasher safe (if you use one) but also, they’re just really easy to clean by hand too. I’ve never personally had any trouble with any food products stuck on them or unable to clean.

The Doddl cutlery is excellent for aiding your child’s development, and I’ve definitely seen a change in bear’s cutlery and mealtime habits since introducing them. He loves using his cutlery and he’s gotten so good and independent with them. I just wish I’d known of them sooner!

* This cutlery was sent to us in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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