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Beehive Toys Noah’s Ark Review

I’ve mentioned before how much we absolutely adore wooden toys & one of our current favourites is this Noah’s Ark that was kindly gifted to us from Beehive Toys. The Noah’s Ark is absolutely beautiful & I’ve been looking for a really lovely one for so long, I couldn’t not right?! As soon as it arrived in the packaging, bear automatically just wanted to tear it open & get it out. Then while I was looking at the box, he was eagerly trying to grab it from me, clearly excited that he knew he had a new toy.

So the Noah’s Ark is a solid wooden toy. On first impressions, it feels very solid and sturdy and well made. I instantly knew there would be no damage or worries about small parts/shreddings of wood coming off. It’s very simple in design and colour but I think it definitely makes it stand out. Bear straight away got to work putting everything inside and taking them all out again as the top of the ark is a lid which keeps everything safely housed when it’s not being played with (because otherwise it usually has the lid off).

What I really love about the Noah’s Ark is just how much you can do with it and how great it is for incorporating into little one’s play. It’s advised for 18months+ and obviously bear isn’t quite there (only a month off) but he’s so good at doing each of the activities and I’m not worried about small parts or him not being able to play with it. On one side of the ark, is a drawbridge which is attached by elasticated string (it’s really secure though) which means your child could “act out” the story of Noah’s Ark with Noah & his wife beckoning the animals aboard (I’m trying to teach him this bit but we’re not quite there yet ha!).

On the other side of the ark is a shape sorter which has space for one lion, one zebra & one crocodile (the only thing is the other animals somehow fit in these holes sideways which becomes a whole other game in itself, lots of hilarity ensues when he gets frustrated because they won’t go in). As I’ve explained before, the pieces all go inside of the main bit of the ark and the lid just sits on top of it.

At the moment, bear’s favourite game with it is to tip everything out when I’ve tidied everything away and shouting “YAY” (I’m guessing everyone else’s children do this not just mine ha!) but that’s just one of the many ways the Ark can be played with. I imagine as he gets older, he will start to play with it in slightly different ways. I sing the “Animals came in 2 by 2” song while playing with the figures with him, counting the different animals and how many there are, sequencing by size/colour of animals, the possibility really is endless and it’s safe to say, the Noah’s Ark has made a permanent space in amongst all of the toys. But I don’t mind, how beautiful is it?!

One last thing to mention that amazes me is the price of the whole set. It currently retails at £21.99 (is now £19.99 on sale) and it is such good quality for the price! One of the best value toys we’ve ever had (and trust me, I hate the price of a lot of toys for what they do, such a cheap skate haha!).

If you want to buy one yourself, you can visit this page.

Beehive Toys are also on Twitter,

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And you can also reach them on Facebook.

DISCLAIMER: This toy was sent to us in return for this review and features on my other social media channels; Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. All views and opinions are my own.


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  • Reply Caitylis

    I absolutely love wooden toys. They’re so much nicer to look at and play with than all the plastic tat you see. Our bubba isn’t even born yet and I’ve already bought him a bunch of wooden toys! They’re so pleasing to the eye as well. This ark looks lovely!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    October 7, 2017 at 7:48 am
  • Reply Georgina Gardner

    This looks so fun! Lily would love something like this, she’s at the stage where she loves putting things in and out of various other things! x

    October 19, 2017 at 9:59 pm
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