Baby’s 1st Birthday Wishlist

Oh wow! A whole year has come around so blimmin’ fast. Even in the newborn days, and thinking that one day, my little bear is going to have his 1st birthday, imagining what we’re going to do to celebrate, I never actually imagined how emotionally overwhelming it would all feel. To think that I have an almost 1 year old child is crazy, yet wonderful. Thinking of all of the things we have done, achieved, and goals we’ve reached in a whole year makes me feel so so proud of us. Our little family, my whole world.

As his birthday is just under 6 weeks away (crazy right?!) I have been planning his gifts and our celebrations since Christmas ended. His presents list has been growing and changing, but that means I have plenty of gift ideas for other people to get him (surely it’s not just me who does this?!) I thought it would only be fair to share with you some of the things bear (more I) is wishing for, for his birthday.

1. B. Toys Zany Zoo Activity CubeI have actually bought him this already as I got it secondhand in excellent condition around September/October last year. But, just look at how beautiful it is! It has 4 different activities on the sides, all for curious hands and minds of course! And different loops with beads on the top. It’s also really big actually too! Not like, in the way, horrendously huge, but big enough that he could stand against it and play. He’s really curious and inquisitive at the moment, so I imagine he will love this!

2. Light Up Panda from Smiling FacesAs anyone who follows me will know, I have a serious obsession with pandas. Bear has so much panda stuff too from sleepsuits, outfits, soft toys, bedroom rug, blankets and tons more stuff! It’s no lie that I really want this to add to his slightly panda themed room (only slightly as we can’t decorate as we rent and I’m unable to find panda cot bed bedding or have curtains up) but there are still so many other panda features that this would go so well with. He also really needs a nice lamp/light in his room for when we’re having quiet time, reading or playing.

3. Fisher Price Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBoI actually had my eye on this for him for christmas but I think he received plenty of toys ha! He absolutely loves music and lights and I think he would adore this. It lights up, sings and dances and it even remixes what you say to him and sings it back. Nearly all of the babies in our due date group on Facebook received one of these for christmas and every single child adores the heck out of it. This is definitely one of those things he just has to have.

4. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages ChairBefore bear was born, I knew I wanted one of these for my child. There’s just something so appealing about it considering I don’t really know a great deal about it. We have a few of the smart stages toys and I think they’re so great as each stage focuses on what stage a child’s learning & imagination might be at. Sometimes we use the other stages on his other toys just to mix it up a bit but he seems to really respond to them. I love that it has a little book on the arm & a remote control on the other (pretend of course haha) and again, it’s really interactive and plays music, teaches alphabet, numbers, shapes etc.

5.The Little Boy Who Lost His Name Personalised BookIt was a friend who told me about this so I just had to check it out! Oh my goodness, this books looks absolutely incredible! As I’ve already explained in my post about Personalised PrintsI LOVE personalised stuff. I think it’s so so special. Books and reading are also MASSIVE things in our house! I’ve been an avid reader since primary school and so I’m determined to pass on my love of books to Bear. This book helps children to learn how to spell their name, whilst also being an incredibly fun read. It’s definitely a huge keepsake.

6.Fisher Price Franky Beats Bat & BoogieBear is a lover of all things bashy, musical and interactive, so when I was browsing the Smyths Toys website & came across this drum, it appealed to me straight away! It teaches numbers, shapes and colours and also has a ‘bat-at’ mode where baby can bat the drum and cause it to play a tune or light up. I love how this will encourage his motor skill development and also teach him things whilst being super fun. I imagine Alex and I may have to get some ear defenders with all of these noisy toys ha!

7.Little Tikes Light ‘n Go Wobblin’ Lights PandaFirstly, this wouldn’t be Bear’s wishlist if it didn’t include panda themed items. Secondly, how adorable is this?! It’s fairly similar to the drum in that baby taps it for a response of lights/sounds etc. But I love that this little panda wobbles around and gets baby moving. Bear LOVES to wriggle his bum and bum shuffle so I can imagine he will be chasing after this around the lounge. I can’t complain when it’s a panda though can I?!

8.Panda-Monium Gro BagI’ve included a link to the 1 tog gro-bag, but if anyone is interested, there is a 2.5 tog one (which we will be getting, this bloody british weather eh?!) It’s a panda sleeping bag, what can I say? Haha! Bear sleeps in gro-bags because he wriggles a lot in the night and if I put blankets on him, he would simply wriggle out of them. However, as we are in the peak of winter, his room is pretty damn cold, so I have to keep him covered somehow. Gro-bags have been our life savers and he sleeps in them so well!

9.Lost My Name Personalised Alphabet PosterI absolutely love the look of this! And you can never have too many prints up on the wall, especially for a baby. It has such eye catching colours and I love that it has the alphabet with characters from the books by each corresponding letter. This will definitely be one he will love and I am positive he will learn his alphabet well with it too.

What kind of items are on your baby’s wishlist? Are there any on here you have and would recommend or would love to get too?

29 thoughts on “Baby’s 1st Birthday Wishlist”

  1. I got my little one the beat bo and fisher price chair for christmas they’re both great (well, they look OK he’s still too small for them both!) I do enjoy doing the beat bo boogie though haha
    Good thing is that it does the alphabet and it says zed instead of zee at the end so wont confuse!

    1. Awww really? What’s the beatbo boogie? is that the dance mat? OMG I’m so glad! Does it do the alphabet in phonetics like Ah, Buh, Cuh or Ay, Bee, Cee? xx

  2. Aww exciting!! I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I was writing a similar post. LOVE that activity cube, extra amazing you got it second hand too. We have the wobblin panda, I was a little disappointed 🙁 xx

    1. Hahaha bless you! Yeah I’m so glad! I actually didn’t know much about it until I’d gotten it and googled what it was etc. Like it looked amazing anyway haha! Oh no, really? what disappointed you about it lovely? xx

  3. Great list! I’m really interested to read more about the Lost My Name book as I’ve seen it advertised an pod wondered. Hands down the top toy in our house for 1 years and older is the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe car!!

    1. It actually arrived this morning, I managed to have a little flick through and it looks so so good! I’m not going to blog about it yet as I want pics of him reading it and opening it but I will then, in the meantime if you want me to show you or anything, feel free to DM me on twitter, my handle is @HeyClaireBearx 🙂 xx

  4. This is a great list. I will refer back to it later on in the year when I’m thinking of things for Benjamin’s first birthday! Hope your little one has an amazing day! xx

    1. Ahh thank you so much lovely! Haha bless you, I think I bought a couple of the things last year but saved them as they weren’t quite age appropriate but he’s so going to love them haha! xx

    1. It’s actually really amazing! It’s currently sat on top of his wardrobe, I can’t wait to get it down haha! Yeah it has been, but as it is so close to christmas I’ve thought not to get him much which has been helpful in a way haha! xx

  5. The time goes literally as fast as buzzlightyear, before you know t our little ones are threenages then the real thing lol! Some fab choices here, especially the chair, I got this for Leanora too and its brilliant for helping them learn colours and numbers and lots of fun too.


  6. Oh I love the look of the Fisherprice Chair. I’ve got my eye on it for my little one. We have the mat version of the BeatBo. I wish we’d got this one though as I’ve heard good things about it.

    1. How does your little one like the mat one? It’s on offer in Smyths at the moment so not sure whether to get the dance mat or just the beatbo, before I was pregnant I wanted the chair, I have no idea why because I’ve never physically seen it in action hahah! xx

    1. aww really? I saw it on a local selling page and I just had to grab it! It looks like so much fun and he’s so inquisitive and loves sitting figuring stuff out at the moment haha xx

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