Add a Road Trip to Your Travel Bucket List

Most people I know have a travel bucket list. It’s essentially a list of places you would love to travel to and for all different reasons of course! No 2 bucket lists will be the same and I’ve seen some pretty damn long ones and some pretty short ones. Of course I also have one (which I will talk about at some point, promise) but one thing I’ve added to my list recently (or a few things) are more road trips rather than just places I’d like to travel.

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Tips for Holidaying with a Toddler on a Budget

Myself, Bear & Bear’s daddy recently went on a family holiday together (if you follow me on Twitter, you probably already knew this) and we had such a lovely holiday, whilst also being on a budget. We even met up with the wonderful Amy & her little dude and had such a lovely time. Because we have family in different areas of the country, we will take little breaks to visit them but this time, we wanted to go somewhere different and see different things. We stayed in South Cornwall for a week and honestly, we didn’t have any trouble with money or not having anything to do etc. Bearing in mind we also drove (I drove) all the way from Wigan in Manchester to Southern Cornwall and we had an 18 month old in tow, it was challenging. But so worth it. I want to share my tips on holidaying with a toddler whilst on a budget.

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3 Tips for Feeding a Family on a Budget

I’m always on the lookout for how to help my family and I with working on a tight budget. However, I’m always looking for ways to help us even more. Whether that is with; food, gifts, shopping, days out etc. I’m always switching where we shop for food due to whats the most affordable, most deals etc. but here are my basic methods for feeding a family on a budget. View Post