15 Differences Between Parenting a Newborn and a Toddler

As a mum of an almost 2 year old (no, YOU’RE getting emotional) I feel like I’ve adapted pretty well to the parenting business. I’ve also learnt a bloody lot. About pregnancy, newborns, babies and toddlers (though not all toddlers of course haha!) Though I’ve found as tough as parenting can be, there are some brilliant moments and each day is never the same.

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Am I a Helicopter Mum?

I’ve noticed this term used quite a bit recently and I’d never heard of it before, so of course it sparked my interest. Jessica from That Mummy Blog wrote this great post called an Open Letter to that Helicopter Mum at the Soft Play Centre which was such an interesting read. I felt like I could relate to both sides of the coin so to speak. The mum who’s so protective of her child, I will climb the climbing frames, go down the slides and get in the ball pool with my little one. But also, having anxiety made me think about what the person writing it was really saying.

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Looking After Baby Skin in Winter with WaterWipes*

As the weather has been getting colder and more harsh on skin (British weather eh?) whether it be my own or my baby’s, I had to take action fast on protecting it and keeping it well cared for. I had asked a couple of friends for recommendations and my fellow blogger friend Emily recommended me for the opportunity to try out WaterWipes.

Bear has been getting a lot of nappy rash lately and I’ve been working so hard to try and tackle it with different creams, changing nappy regularly and making sure he has baths and washes regularly. After a while, nothing was helping it anymore. When I was sent the WaterWipes, I got straight to trying them out. View Post

The Dreaded T Word

Teething. Oh, the joys. Most parents have experienced it, some may be beginning to experience it and some just will not know what’s hit them (I don’t mean to put you off, I am sorry).

Logan is now 6 months and almost 4 weeks old (29 weeks to be precise) and we are definitely no strangers to teething. I must admit, he’s never gotten some of the symptoms a lot of parents talk about. He’s had slight reddening of his cheeks, a shit ton of drooling, a crap load of whinging and the need to bite and chew everything  (yes, my fingers were constantly bitten during this process). So far, fingers crossed, we’ve had no sleepless nights  (though you could count him constantly waking and only being settled with boob as having a slightly sleepless night, but he usually sleeps until about 9/10am so I’m definitely not complaining ha!)

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