Toddler 2nd Birthday Gift Guide

As most of you reading this might know, little bear turned 2 years old recently!! I know, my heart is aching so much, he seems to have just grown and flourished in the last couple of weeks and no longer looks like my baby anymore. Anyway, I struggled for so long with ideas of what to get him. It’s recently been Christmas so he received plenty of things for that which I had to make lots of room for and there was just nothing specific he needed or I wanted for him that either he didn’t already have or was suitable or just didn’t take up a ridiculous amount of space or get lost.

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Making the Move from a Cot to a Toddler Bed

Earlier this week, bear had a little accident involving his cot and his spider monkey climbing skills (he’s never done anything like this before and was so unexpected). So obviously, we’ve rethought his sleeping arrangements and have gradually tried to make things safer for him. Firstly, starting with removing the cot sides from the bed. This is a huge leap for me personally as I have so many worries about him injuring himself with free roam of his room, however, the potential injuries sustained from another accident like this would be much worse than I suspect he could do himself in there.  View Post

HAPE Fantasia Blocks Castle Review

It has recently been Christmas and I’m sure many of you have had to have a good clear out of your children’s old toys to make space for new ones. I know I did. Luckily I found one or two toys that didn’t work anyway & the rest are going to charity. Good deed done and space made. WIN. But one thing that firmly made it’s way into the toybox before Christmas, were these Fantasia Blocks* by Hape. We have reviewed another toy by this brand which you can read here which is also, still in the toybox (yaaayyy) and both are constantly scattered across the living room on a daily basis courtesy of the toddler (I’m exaggerating a little, they’re really not that big at all!)

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Our Hunt for a Nursery & What to Look For

From when we found out we had a tiny human on the way, we had thought long and hard about childcare (after all of the other baby related stuff that clouds over your brain). We came to the conclusion that when our child turned 2, we would look for a childminder as we thought we would also get the 15hrs free. Unfortunately (in some cases) we don’t qualify for the free 15hrs but also, the decision on childcare has taken a turn.

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Getting Out on Our Toddlebike2: A Review

You’re stuck indoors wondering why your toddler is destroying the place, not listening to you and whining (a LOT). So you want to get out (it’s rare these days you go stir crazy) but outings always mean to the park. Why not make it a little more fun and throw a Toddlebike2 into the mix. Your child will definitely love it and it makes outings so much more exciting. I’m so so grateful for Toddlebike for gifting us one of these even if I do have to get it out on most trips to the park and I love that bear has his own little bike now.

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