My Baby Has No Routine and I Don’t Mind

Before Logan was born, a lot of people would tell me how good it is to get baby into a good routine. They’d tell me how important it is for ensuring baby knows when their naptimes are and the difference between night and day and if they are in a good routine, it means you can have some time to yourself or do some chores etc. At first I wasn’t sure, but then I started to think maybe it would be good. As long as it isn’t bad in any way for my baby then surely it’s fine. Which I’m pretty sure it is in any circumstances, everybody loves a good routine sometimes.
The first couple of weeks of getting used to having a baby, both Logan and I slept and ate pretty much. We didn’t leave the house much or bother with things like that. We only saw family and friends if and when they came to the house or on the rare occasion we would all go out as a family. He certainly didn’t have any set naptimes as he was a newborn and a doctor once told me that apparently, young babies can sleep for upto 22hours a day…what on earth is he talking about?!  View Post

10 Things I’ve Learnt as a New Parent

Being a mummy has taught me so many things about myself, my child, my family, it really is impossible  (or at least time consuming) to list all the ways and all the wonders being a parent brings. But I’m probably not the only person who feels they’ve learnt a few, shall we say, odd things about parenting and being a parent. It’s definitely one heck of a rollercoaster ride; never ending and not really slowing down. It feels like yesterday I was having my waters broken, unbeknownst to me I would be meeting my little baby almost 5 hours later and yet, here we are at 5 months old, chatting away and blowing raspberries at people and me having learnt to eat one handed food that’s gone cold (and probably dropping it all over Logan’s head ’cause “Sorry baby but mama needs to eat even if you are too”). View Post

The Beginning of Our Breastfeeding Journey

Before I’d even found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. I’m not quite sure what exactly attracted me to it as most of my peers with children all bottle fed but I knew it was the best I could give my baby…and it’s free & on tap (I might be tired doing night feeds but I find it much easier than having to go downstairs and prepare a feed and sterilise bottles etc in the middle of the night). Now, I’ll be honest, I have absolutely nothing against bottle feeding or formula fed babies. My premise is that if it works for you and your baby, you give them what is best and that’s that. View Post