The Importance of Colour in Early Years

Recently, we’ve been looking at different ways in which we can help bear with his development and learning. We were worried about his speech up until recently as he barely said any full words, although I was probably comparing him to other children his age a little too much. The one thing we haven’t quite established yet however, is colour. We have recently been attending a toddler group which lasted for 8 weeks and focused on the key aspects of development and learning for children who were walking up until 2 and a half years old. It was only a small group but meant it was much easier to do different activities. Each week would focus on something different such as numbers and counting, songs and rhyming, physical activity etc. There was a craft activity each week either painting or sticking and towards the end of the course, bear had really gotten into it and developed some skills. One thing I think he enjoyed the most though, was an activity where he had 6 different coloured bowls and lots of dinosaurs of the same colour and he had to put the coloured dinosaurs into the matching bowl. He got this straight away and he absolutely loved it (so much so, I’ve found the set that was used and added it to his Amazon Wishlist oops!) It was then that I realised how important it is for us to focus on the colour aspect of his learning as much as speech, numbers, letters etc.

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What’s My Toddler Getting for Christmas?

I know it’s a little late in the game to put out a post like this, especially as I love getting ideas from these kinds of things but well, there’s only a week left until Christmas right and I’d have thought most people would be finished with their shopping by now (though whenever I drive anywhere at the moment, that certainly doesn’t seem correct). But I thought I’d put this together and show you all some bits little bear is getting for christmas.

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Toddler Festive Book Box

In our living room, we have a raccoon pull along crate which contains some books for bear. My idea is to change the books in them every couple of months (or seasonally) so I really couldn’t miss out on putting together a box full of festive books for him. He loves having books in the living room, he is forever bringing them to me (though he has the attention span of a goldfish and just gets up as soon as I open the first page). But sometimes, I will find him sat on the floor with a little book babbling to himself whilst turning the pages. Of course I do sit down with him and read with him, as I said, sometimes he just gets back up but sometimes we can get through a couple pages. Back to the point. Last year, we did a book advent for him (though it didn’t go very well as we missed a few days so just opened them all) but I have picked up some books I’ve seen in shops this year with a festive theme and I honestly couldn’t wait for him to read them.

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Doddl Cutlery Review

A few months ago, we thought bear would never get the hang of cutlery. How to use it, what it’s for etc. One day he all of a sudden seemed to know how. He used his spoon to scoop things and put them to his mouth. A few days later, he managed to grasp using a fork, stabbing things and putting them to his mouth again. Though still a little shaky every now and again. We were contacted asking if he would like to try out some Doddl* cutlery, which I hadn’t really known much of before. Sure I’d heard of them in weaning groups on the odd occasion but I just didn’t have a clue. But he soon knew what they were as soon as I opened the package and he couldn’t wait to start using his new cutlery.

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What2Buy4Kids Store in Southport Review

A few weeks ago, Bear & I headed to Southport for a day out with our lovely friends Lisa (from Lisa Cowan Blog) & her little lady. I was totally cacking it I’ll be honest, I was mentally preparing myself for a busĀ ANDĀ a train journey there and back. I only really started panicking about it on the way home but none the less, Lisa kept me distracted, as did the little monkeys. Anyways, we were invited to visit the store and have a good look around, and basically gather our views on it (and it gave us a reason to go to the seaside, though the weather wasn’t too kind). But I shall say, we were impressed. View Post