Toddler 2nd Birthday Gift Guide

As most of you reading this might know, little bear turned 2 years old recently!! I know, my heart is aching so much, he seems to have just grown and flourished in the last couple of weeks and no longer looks like my baby anymore. Anyway, I struggled for so long with ideas of what to get him. It’s recently been Christmas so he received plenty of things for that which I had to make lots of room for and there was just nothing specific he needed or I wanted for him that either he didn’t already have or was suitable or just didn’t take up a ridiculous amount of space or get lost.

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I Wanna Get Away..

You could call this a bucket list, I wouldn’t mind. I feel like I need to de-stress and have some happy time for me. I’ve struggled so much for a while, I just feel like I need to go somewhere (though a passport and a travel partner would be helpful. Though I wouldn’t not consider it just me and bear). I do love a staycation, I think there are many areas in Britain which are wonderful and beautiful and have lots to offer, but I would definitely love to travel abroad. Especially considering I haven’t since I was around 10/11. I’ve found some amazing little spots I’d love to see and visit and I’d love to share them with you!

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Making the Move from a Cot to a Toddler Bed

Earlier this week, bear had a little accident involving his cot and his spider monkey climbing skills (he’s never done anything like this before and was so unexpected). So obviously, we’ve rethought his sleeping arrangements and have gradually tried to make things safer for him. Firstly, starting with removing the cot sides from the bed. This is a huge leap for me personally as I have so many worries about him injuring himself with free roam of his room, however, the potential injuries sustained from another accident like this would be much worse than I suspect he could do himself in there.  View Post

Dreaming of our Forever Home

Currently, we live in a rented 2 bedroom terraced house. We’ve lived here for 5 years, but it definitely isn’t home for us. I’m constantly dreaming of our forever home. How would it look? Would we want a fixer upper, a little project to keep us going? How many rooms? Any particular features? Etc.

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Looking Forward to Spring at Liverpool ONE

I am so so over winter. The weather this week has been absolutely dreadful. In fact, this season has been pretty crap, let’s be honest. I am dreaming of the slightly warmer weather (I don’t mind if I still have to wear a coat, I just don’t want my hands to freeze off) and I think Bear is getting a bit peed off about it being cold/wet/icy out, he just LOVES to be outside. I’ve started looking for things that are upcoming again in places local to us. Usually, pages of places we like on Facebook will add their upcoming events or I’ll have a nosey at websites such as Trafford Centre’s or Liverpool ONE’s.

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